Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies of MPI held seminar on “HR management and innovation in integrated resorts”

Director of CJT Wang Changbin thanked Executive Vice President of Human Resources at MGM China, Ms. Wendy Yu

Executive Vice President of Human Resources at MGM China, Ms. Wendy Yu, shared her experience with students

The Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies of Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) recently invited Ms. Wendy Yu, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at MGM China, to give a seminar on Human Resources Management and Innovation in Integrated Resorts. This seminar was attended by more than 60 participants, including undergraduate students in Gaming and Recreation Management, postgraduate students, as well as the academic staff and researchers of MPI.

Ms. Yu discussed the responsibilities and functions of Human Resources (HR) in Integrated Resorts along with the examples of MGM. The speaker explained that the present-day HR management in Integrated Resorts has gone beyond the traditional concept. On the one hand, general HR practices such as talent recruitment, training, compensation and benefits have been broadened. Take talent development for example, it includes not only functional training, but also a full range of employee services from physical and mental health, family relations, community development, to work-life balance and support. On the other hand, HR is no longer limited to office work. It has gradually branched out to marketing, customer service, corporate brand, and brand management, etc. Effective HR management is considered essential to the successful development of Integrated Resorts. As a Macao native taking on an executive management role, Ms. Yu shared her life and work experience with the students, encouraging them to stay informed and work hard for the betterment of Macao in the future. The speaker also had an interactive discussion with the participants and answered questions raised by the students.

This has been the fourth lecture of the Gaming and Recreation Management Seminar series after the relocation of the Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies to the new MPI campus in Taipa. A variety of themed seminars such as gaming tourism, the Greater Bay Area cooperation, Macao World Heritage have been organized to introduce the latest information and developments in the gaming, tourism and recreation industries. The discussion of these cutting-edge topics and strategic applications has been well received among the teachers and students of MPI, creating opportunities for learning beyond the classroom.

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