“Youth in Full Bloom at MPI” MPI Freshmen Start Their Campus Life

Group photo with the “MPI” Movement and Slogan

For the purpose of welcoming freshmen and assisting them quickly to adapt to the new campus environment, the Student Affairs Office of Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) has organised the Campus Orientation for Academic Year 2017/2018 with the theme of “Youth in Full Bloom at MPI”, meaning that all freshmen have chosen MPI as the stage to pursue their dreams and develop their talents.

More than 800 freshmen from Macao and Mainland China, as well as international and exchange students from the countries alongside the “Belt and Road” region, gathered at the MPI Auditorium with great excitement and pleasure. The Orientation was kicked off by a brilliant Chinese Lion Dance performance, wishing freshmen to start their college life with full strength. A variety of spectacular performances followed afterwards, including energetic Freestyle Rope Skipping, humorous Drama, traditional Chinese Dance and modern Street Dance performances, which provided the guests and freshmen a big feast for their eyes. In addition, the leaders of the Student Union guided freshmen to perform and cheer the “MPI” movement and slogan. After that, the freshmen participated in the interactive orientation games prepared by the Student Union with the chance to win rich prizes. The honoured guest Mr. GeLiJieFu, a famous Chinese singer and music instructor for the Lotus Macau TV program "Top Voice of Macau”, delivered a great performance by singing two songs, and the Orientation ended in such resounding music.

The President of MPI, Professor Lei Heong Iok welcomed all freshmen to join the MPI family, emphasised that MPI is “Student-oriented” and all academic and administrative staff are well prepared to provide excellent education and services to students. Besides, the President encouraged freshmen to broaden their horizons, and acquire diverse knowledge during their four years of study and become a pillar of society after graduation.

More than 120 freshmen participated in the “Campus Hunt” after the Orientation. Through completing designated challenges within a time limit at various locations on campus, freshmen were familiarised with the campus facilities and environment. Furthermore, the Student Affairs Office will organise a series of further “Orientation Activities”, including Sharing Session by Outstanding MPI Students, “Gapless Once More” Volunteer Scheme, Career Planning-“Entrepreneur Sharing and Exploratory Visit”, “Macao Running Man” Character Building Camp and “New Heart New Life” Experience Journey, aiming to enhance freshmen’s feeling of belonging in MPI and thus to provide opportunities for other students to take part in organising various activities.

International students participated in the Campus Orientation

Chinese Lion Dance

Traditional Chinese Dance

Freestyle Rope Skipping

Drama Performance

Honoured guest Mr. GeLiJieFu

MPI freshmen participated in the Campus Orientation

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