MPI Students Take One Gold Prize and One Medallion of Excellence at 44th WorldSkills Competition

The 44th WorldSkills Competition was held in the capital of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi from 10th to 19th October. MPI students achieved splendid results. A year 3 student of Bachelor of Science in Computing, Fong Hok Kin won the Gold Prize in the category of Web Design and Development, which is the first gold ever for Macao in the Competition, whereas a year 2 student of Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art, Chio Weng Chong was awarded the Medallion of Excellence in Fashion Technology.

The Gold Prize winner Fong Hok Kin is a student of the Bachelor of Science in Computing in Macao Polytechnic Institute. He was enthusiastic in computer network and web design since childhood. Having the past experiences of different network and web design competitions and the intensive training for the preparation of the tournament, he expressed that he was thrilled to won the first Gold Prize for Macao and the award of the Best of Nation, tying with the contestants from Korea, Russia and Switzerland in the final of the competition.

Chio Weng Chong, the winner of the Medallion of Excellence in Fashion Technology, has been always fond of arts. She is studying the Visual Art programme in the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) while she spends her leisure time to study fashion design. Having been well-training and gained some experience with practice from her study, she has nurtured her creativity of fashion design and instilled her aesthetic sense. The WorldSkills Competition is extremely competitive, being able to compete with the contestants from 30 different countries and winning the Medallion of Excellence (Fashion Technology) is precious and she feels excited about it.

The Macao Polytechnic Institute has been actively organizing and perfecting various courses to meet the needs of social development, particularly paying attention to the development of Macao’s information technology and cultural, creative and artistic courses.  MPI has been hosting the Macao-wide IT Competition – Alice 3D Programming Contest, and quite a number of cultural, creative and art exhibitions.  The Institute is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of Macao society, to ensure the provision of high quality courses, and the nurturing of students with a high academic calibre and international perspective.  MPI’s Bachelor Degree Programme of Science in Computing is the first higher degree programme in Macao to be accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK.  The programme, which is highly commended and recognized by the academic accreditation institution, provides high quality international tertiary education in terms of teaching quality, scientific research administration and student support services.  The Programme of Visual Art, whose quality has also earned much recognition, is accredited by the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan.

MPI students Fong Hok Kin (in the middle) and Chio Weng Chong (second from the right) achieved the Gold Medal and the Medallion of Excellence in the competition. They were welcomed back to Macao by the Head of Student Affairs Office and the Computing Programme Coordinator

A triumphant return of the delegation from Macao