“10th Alice 3D Programming Contest” Award Ceremony

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With the smart city construction and development in Macao underway, alongside with the economic development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road Initiative, the society sees a great need for computer talents with strong analytical, problem solving and multifaceted-thinking skills. In order to strengthen the pool of technical talents, we have established computer programming as a means for learning and practicing, so as to nurture the students in their cognitive and computational skills, cultivate their comprehensive abilities in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics (STEAM) and improve their skills in solving complex problems.

Since 2008, Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) has successfully held the “Macao-wide Information Technology Competition – ALICE 3D Programming Contest” for ten years. The competition is divided into two categories: secondary school category and open category. Participants are required to use the "Alice Programming World" software platform to develop a computer-animated story or game based on the theme of the contest. The theme of each contest is centred on issues that are closely related to the Macao society, including social, cultural events, international events, environmental protection, urban development, health, and liveable city. In addition to promoting information technology, this competition also hopes to draw the attention of the students to social issues related to Macao and convey their feelings of patriotism and passion for Macao. The theme of this year's competition is "Macau Grand Prix - Wonderful Sixty-five Years". A total of 93 teams, about 300 persons, signed up for the competition.

Each year, the Computing Programme of MPI provides free training courses for participants to experience the university learning environment and broaden their horizons while learning the relevant technologies for the competition. Many of the participating secondary school teachers said that the competition provided an ideal platform for cooperative work and contest, which have enhanced the students' comprehensive problem-solving skills and interest in information technology. Moreover, the competition provides insight into the latest secondary school IT education through the feedback of the participating secondary school teachers and students, which in turn allows the Computing Programme at MPI to optimize its IT-based curriculum for high-quality education.

In all the previous competitions at MPI, authoritative experts from abroad were invited to be the judges, who made constructive comments on the contestants' demonstrations, helped improve their programming knowledge and enrich their professional experience. In the process of designing a computer animation, the participating team needs to combine background research, art creation, programming, soundtrack, narrative and other components, and in order to successfully complete their designs, various problems must be solved through the collaborative teamwork. As it turned out, each team was fully prepared for completing their designs, which were then presented with great care and dedication. Their learning attitudes were worthy of praise.

The award ceremony of the 10th competition was held at MPI on July 19th. MPI had the honour to invite Prof. Xiong Zhang from Beihang University, Science Committee Expert of the National Textbook Committee of China. The leaders and representatives of the support units of the competition were invited to attend as honoured guests, including Ms. Lam Lin Kio, Vice-President of the Sports Bureau of the Macao SAR Government, Ms. Rosa Leong, Vice-President of the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau, Ms. Lai Iok In, Head of the Information Technology Division of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, and Mr. Victor Kwok, Principal Representative of Canon Hong Kong Limited (Macau Office). The winners of the first prize in the secondary school category in this competition were Lei Ka Wai, Pun Si Neng and Wong Hio Cheng of the Workers’ Children High School and the work created was “You will know how much I like cars”; the 2nd prize and the most creative idea prize were won by Lei Ian Tong, Leong On Ian of the Affiliated School of the University of Macau, and Shi Boxian, Hong Wai Hou, Choi Chon Hin of Escola Choi Nong Chi Tai, respectively; the Future Stars prize was won by Liang Yingyan, Shi Wai and Cheok Hoi Mei of the Workers' Children High School; students from the Workers’ Children High School, Saint Paul School Macau, Colegio de Santa Rosa de Lima English Secondary and Guang Da Middle School of Macao won the Merit prizes. The open category’s first prize was won by Mr. Chao Ka Hei and Ms. Sio Lai Hong for their work – “Car Racing Dream”; the 2nd prize winners were Ms. Lam Chi Cheng and Mr. Nip Sio Fong. The first prize winners of the two categories presented their works at the awards ceremony.

As the saying goes, it takes ten years to grow a tree but a hundred years to nurture talent. As the fabric of social and economic development, talent training requires long-term investment and planning. Over the past 10 years, more than 3,000 people have participated in this competition. Apart from more than 30 secondary schools and other institutions of higher learning in Macao, there are also participants from various sectors of the society. It is clear that this competition has become one of the popular IT competitions in Macao. MPI is pleased to see that students have become more enthusiastic about information technology because of their participation in the competition. Some of them later choose to study IT-related majors at school or careers in the relevant IT industries after graduation.

By and large, the competition has continued to promote the application of information technology in the Macao society, fostering talents, increasing people's interest in information technology and driving the development of information technology infrastructure and the IT awareness in Macao. In the future, MPI will continue to work hard to organize this event, keep pace with the new trends in information technology development and the needs of society and, last but not least, cultivate more IT talents for Macao and the country.

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