The 6th French Cultural Activities

Co-organized by the Student Affairs Office and the Alliance Française de Macao, the 6th French Cultural Activities were held in November in order to widen students' horizons, including a French Language Course, Classics and Contemporary French Songs, French Wines Workshop, French Floral Art Workshop, Cheese Workshop,  and French Gastronomy Workshop.

Some students who participated in the French Language Course stated that French literature and art are renowned throughout the world. Mastering French and experiencing French culture is not only a personal accomplishment but also enhances the competitive edge of one's professional and social skills. Some students who participated in the French Wine, Cheese and Gastronomy Workshops stated that it is valuable to learn about and taste some French signature food. Some students who participated in the French Floral Art Workshop stated that they were excited to learn about the French floral design technique to create a French floral box.

The organizer, Student Affairs Office commented that with the aim of nurturing multi-faceted talents and all-rounded students, the French Cultural Activity Series has been organized in order to widen students' horizons and enrich students' campus life.

1) French Language Course (11/9 - 30/11/2017)

2) Workshops

Classics and Contemporary French Songs (3/11/2017)

French Wines Workshop (7&9/11/2017)

French Floral Art Workshop (8/11/2017)

Cheese Workshop (10/11/2017)

French Gastronomy Workshop (17/11/2017)