New Members of MPI Student Union Pay a visit to the Institute’s Board of Management

After the inauguration of the Macao Polytechnic Institute Student Union in September, Miss Ng Cho Kei, the President of the Student Union and the delegation visited MPI on 25th October 2017, introducing new members and the working plans, where they were warmly received by MPI Board of Management, Academic Affairs Department and Student Affairs Office.

Professor Im Sio Kei Marcus, the MPI Vice President, expressed his unreserved appreciation that the Student Union has played an important role in leading the students and connecting them with MPI. Moreover, the Vice President emphasised that every member of its academic and administrative staff has, as always, given his utmost and unwavering support to the Student Union, hence helping to attain the MPI’s goal of assisting its students to succeed. With its new membership, the Student Union would, as Professor Im hoped, continue to keep a close tie with MPI and serve the entire student body. During the meeting with the Student Union, the Vice President mentioned MPI’s latest achievements in its academic and scientific research, and he encouraged the Student Union to be vocal participants in MPI’s future development, since the voice of its students and the opinions of the Student Union are what motivates MPI to progress and strive for excellence.

Ng Cho Kei, President of the Student Union, showed great gratitude to the Institute’s support and recognition of the work done by the Student Union over the years. She also commended the Institute for its student-oriented education philosophy. The Student Union will strive to provide more diversified activities and services to students, take up the responsibility of bridging communications, and contribute to the mutual interaction between the Student Union, the Institute and the society. Members of the Student Union who attended the meeting introduced themselves one by one. They are from different programmes, which will enable them to collect student opinions from different perspectives. The members will play their respective strengths to complete their work for the Student Union. During the meeting, they gave their suggestions and opinions, and both sides had friendly exchanges.

Finally, the MPI Student Union thanked the representatives of the Institute for meeting them; they promised that they would keep on thinking and exploring, so as to do a better job for the Student Union.

The MPI Student Union paid a visit to the Institute's Board of Management