Renowned Translation Scholar Held Lectures at MPI

Christiane Nord (right in the front row), renowned German scholar and theorist in translation, was invited to give lectures at MPI, attracting over 200 attendees

To enhance students’ translation competence, broaden the horizons of both faculty members and students, Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation Programme of the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) recently invited renowned German scholar and theorist in translation studies, Professor Christiane Nord, to give three lectures, which appealed to over two hundred faculty members and students to attend, receiving heated responses.

Christiane Nord gave three very stimulating lectures in MPI: “Evaluating Student’s Translations”, “The Tools of the Translator: How to overcome translation difficulties” and “Text analysis in (functional) translation: pragmatic and didactic aspects”. The lectures were all well attended with an audience of over 200 academic staff and students inside and outside MPI. In addition, Professor Sun Yifeng, a celebrated scholar of Translation Studies and Fellow of the Centre for Humanities Research at Lingnan University, Hong Kong, also attended the lectures and engaged in academic exchanges, making the lectures more fruitful. Professor Nord shared her insights and unique experiences in relation to translation, attracting heated feedback from the audience. Simultaneous interpreting services from English to Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) were provided in the lectures, and all the interpreters were alumni and year-four students of Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation Programme. Not only could they learn the professional translation knowledge from the talks of Professor Nord, but they also obtained the golden opportunity of interpreting practice.

As one of the founder of “functionalism” in translation studies, Professor Nord is a professional translator, PhD by habilitation, translation scholar specialised in translation pedagogy, with over 200 publications about theoretical, methodological and pedagogical aspects of “functionalism” in translation. She has served as editorial board member or counselor of various academic journals, as well as a prominent member of German-Spanish Association of Teachers (DSV) and European Institute of Translation Studies (EST). Professor Nord has been invited for short-time teaching appointments by universities and translator training institutions in Europe, Middle East, America, Asia and Africa for long term.

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