Macao Polytechnic Institute Motivates Students for Exams!

For the purpose of cheering up students for exams and motivating students to prepare for exams with a positive attitude, the Student Affairs Office and Student Union of Macao Polytechnic Institute have distributed free drinks to students, and also set up a “Message Board”, where students can leave their wishes and blessings. Moreover, the Student Affairs Office has invited a senior student who is a balloon artist to twist colourful balloons for students.

Hundreds of students have come to get free drinks and balloons. Students appreciate MPI for organizing such an activity before exams, to motivate them with great energy for encountering exams and life challenges. Students agree that this activity gives them an opportunity to release exam stress, and the drinks and balloons remind them of the concern from MPI. Through this activity, students and staff have shown their support to each other; the encouraging and inspiring blessings on the “Message Board” make students feel the warmth of the MPI family.

This activity has delivered positive energy throughout the campus and is welcomed by MPI students and staff. By organizing a variety of student activities, the Student Affairs Office and Student Union together hope to enhance the cohesion among students and to provide them a harmonious atmosphere on campus.

MPI cheers up students for exams!

MPI Students leave their wishes and blessings on the message board

A MPI senior student twists colourful balloons for students