MPI’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme being the world’s first to receive its successful International Subject Review from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), UK

The review panel from the Quality Assurance Agency, UK met with MPI Nursing Programme’s students, graduates, faculty members, their employers and industry representatives


The internationally prominent Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), UK announced on its website on 7th March 2017 that MPI’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme (Undergraduate Nursing) meets all the standards and successfully achieved the International Subject Review conducted by QAA. The approach of judgment and review criteria were reported to be the same for some of the best UK universities such as the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. MPI has achieved “confidence” for the first internationally recognised institutional review in 2014, which was conducted by QAA in Macao. Similarly, MPI’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme has been the world’s first successful International Subject Review by QAA. QAA identified 6 features of good practice and this give sound evidences that the applied research, teaching and learning of MPI’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme meets international standards. It also strengthened the recognition of higher education in Macao.

In order to improve the quality of teaching and research in nursing programme, it was supported by the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of Macao that an International Subject Review by QAA was arranged and conducted to evaluate the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme. A team of QAA reviewers visited MPI in December of 2016 for the process of assessment. The review was an evidence-based process and the review team was supplied by MPI with the subject contents, self-evaluation document and supporting documentary as evidence. In addition, students were asked to provide the review team with their own written submission, which explained the learning experience from the student perspective. During the visit, the review team has met a member of peoples. They are the MPI’s senior management staff, the Head of School, teaching staff and the academic support teams, students and alumni, clinical placement providers and employers. Besides, a tour of the clinical placement sites and their facilities have been examined by the QAA reviewers during their visit. The QAA review team concluded that the subject – “Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme” meets all 10 Standards provided in Part one of the standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG). They are including: policy for quality assurance; design and approval of programmes; student-centred learning; teaching and assessment; students’ admission, progression, recognition and certification; teaching staff; learning resources and student support; information management; public information; on-going monitoring and periodic review of programmes; and cyclical external quality assurance.

In the report, the QAA review team identified the following 6 features of good practice in undergraduate nursing provision at Macao Polytechnic Institute, which including: (1) Strong relationships with external stakeholders, external examiners, employers and the Special Administrative Region Government (ESG Standards 1.1 and 1.2); (2) The strong partnership between academic staff and clinical preceptors, which ensures excellent levels of support for student learning in clinical placements (ESG Standard 1.3); (3) Engagement of students as formal helpers in the clinical skills laboratories, which provides enhanced opportunities for peer learning (ESG Standard 1.4); (4) The well-established and systematically monitored peer review of teaching, which significantly enhances the quality of teaching (ESG Standard 1.5); (5) The proactive approach to identifying learning resource requirements, which is supported by high levels of investment (ESG Standard 1.6); (6) The 'Rainbow Family' system for providing student support, which ensures that students have an enduring personal and professional peer network (ESG Standard 1.6). Through the 6 good practices mentioned above, the QAA review team also fully appreciates the efforts and contributions from colleagues and students of the School of Health Sciences.

With its philosophy of high quality, student-centred education, MPI endeavors to grow and continuously improve the quality of its programmes. It is to ensure that the ability, knowledge and quality of graduates meet the development of society. In 2014, MPI has received a rating of “confidence” by the QAA, and this is the first internationally recognized institutional review ever undertaken by a higher education institution in Macao. The school of Health Science has been delivering nursing education for more than 50 years. We have nurtured a large number of outstanding graduated nurses. They are serving in the healthcare systems of Macao and their performances have been highly appreciated. In future, MPI will work closely with the Macao SAR government and Professional peers. In response to the demand of competent nursing workforce in Macao, we will make great efforts and contribute to the development of Macao Higher education and nursing profession.

The review panel examined the teaching and research facilities of the Nursing Programme

The review panel met with students to understand the quality service exemplified by the student-centred education