Macao Polytechnic Institute Held Graduation Ceremony
Chui Sai On Encourages to Cultivate Talents with Advantages



MPI holds a graduation ceremony for the academic year 2018/2019
Dr. Fernando Chui Sai On, Chief Executive delivering his speech during the MPI graduation ceremony

In the afternoon of 29th May, Macao Polytechnic Institute held the Graduation Ceremony for the Academic Year 2018/2019, and 680 students were awarded a bachelor's degree. The ceremony was officiated by the Chief Executive of Macao Dr. Fernando Chui Sai On, who reiterated that the Macao SAR government will continuously support MPI's advantages of nurturing practical talents and its efforts to launch more highly qualified new courses, which is beneficial to building Macao into a base for the training of Sino-Portuguese bilingual professionals, thus actively participating in Macao and the Motherland’s development and forming an extensive talent pool.

The ceremony was initiated with a flag-raising ceremony accompanied by the national anthem, the first of this solemn agenda in consecutive two years at graduation ceremonies in Macao higher education institutions. The ceremony was officiated by the Chief Executive of Macao Dr. Fernando Chui Sai On, the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Dr. Alexis Tam Chon Weng and the President of MPI Prof. Marcus Im Sio Kei. Distinguished guests attending the ceremony included, among others, Mr. Xue Xiaofeng, the Deputy-Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Macao SAR, Counsellor Ran Bo, Director of the Department of Policy Research of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Macao SAR, Mr. Zhao Jianming, Chief of Staff of The People's Liberation Army Macao Garrison, members of the Macao Polytechnic Institute Consultancy Committee, representatives from government departments and representatives of scholarship-donating organizations. Over 3000 graduates with their families and friends also attended and witnessed the ceremony.

The Chief Executive Dr. Chui Sai On pointed out in his speech delivered at the Graduation Ceremony that the Macao SAR government is implementing the development strategy of “Education-driven Prosperity for Macao” and “Building Macao by Capable Talents” to fully advance the balanced development of education, and to promote the social fairness by educational fairness. In light of the effective Higher Education Regime, it fosters a new stage of development in higher education. The government will encourage higher education institutions to reinforce and create the specialities and unique characteristics of local education; promote the combination of industry, universities and research institutes to improve the capacity of technological innovation so as to provide talents for the diversification of economic development; continuously optimize the education environment and facilities, enhance the teacher training, and ensure the sustainable elevation of education quality. Dr. Chui mentioned that the government will continuously support MPI’s advantages of nurturing practical talents and its efforts to launch new subjects, offer more highly qualified courses, and promote cross-disciplinary research. It also supports MPI's efforts to build Macao into a base for the training of Sino-Portuguese bilingual professionals and forming an extensive talent pool, thus accelerating the formation of “One Centre, One Platform”, and participating actively in the construction of The Belt and Road Initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Dr. Chui encouraged the graduates and teenagers entering the new era with the support of the Motherland and joining the new phase in the development of Macao. This epoch has broadened the scope of development, and the young people are carrying the mission of the future on their shoulders. He wished that the graduates will cherish their time, work hard and learn hard, maintain good health, establish their goals, gather their courage, to step on their life's pathway and to pursue their dreams.

President Prof. Im Sio Kei delivering a speech during the graduation ceremony
The graduate representative Wong Chong Chon giving a speech of thanks at the graduation ceremony

President Prof. Marcus Im Sio Kei congratulated the graduates and advised them to create their wonderful lives with continual steady growth. Prof. Im said in his speech, the graduates have grown up and achieved self-improvement with MPI in the past four years; they are also the participants and living proof of MPI’s excellent results in the fields of teaching, research and student activities. He wished the graduates to remain true to their alma mater’s commitment to be “rooted in Macao and backed up by the Motherland”, hold steadfastly to their love for Macao and China, build up their ideals and ambitions with continued excellence and contribute to our city and our country. He also wished the graduates to remain true to the school motto to gain “knowledge, expertise and global vision” with the spirit of “MPI people”: being optimistic, brave, open-minded and innovative, seizing the opportunities from the establishment of “The Belt and Road” initiatives and “Greater Bay Area”, and making their dreams come true.

The graduate representative, Wong Chong Chon of the Public Administration Programme, expressed thanks for the support and encouragement from families and friends, the education and training from teachers, and the high care and concern from the Macao SAR government towards all students in higher education institutions. He shared his MPI experiences of studying with classmates from different places, different nationalities and different cultural backgrounds. He also shared his success in graduation with his families and teachers. In the last part of his speech, he encouraged the graduates to take up the social responsibility and mission, keep learning all life long, remain true to the faith, bravely follow the truths and dreams to contribute to the society and to win honour for the alma mater.

During the ceremony, Dr. Sun Yuqi, Mafalda, the lecturer of MPI Chinese-Portuguese Translation sang the song of “Cheira bem Cheira a Lisboa” and Dr. Wang Xi, the lecturer of Music sang the song of “Never forget why you started” (Bu Wang Chu Xin) with the graduates to celebrate the 40th anniversary of China-Portugal diplomatic relations. This musical performance also delivered the blessings of “never forget why you started and keep going forward” to the graduates. Lastly, the graduation ceremony was finished by the graduates’ “Gratitude to MPI, Let’s Fly High” Ceremony with laughter.

Dr. Alexis Tam Chon Weng, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture conferring degrees on the outstanding graduates

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