Sharing Session by Alumnus Liu Haixiang: Cycling along the Silk Road

Group Photo after Sharing Session

The Student Affairs Office at Macao Polytechnic Institute (“MPI” or the “Institute”) held a “Sharing Session by Alumnus Liu Haixiang: Cycling along the Silk Road” on 3rd April 2017 and MPI Alumnus Mr. Liu Haixiang was invited to share his experience with MPI students. Since 2015, Mr. Liu has started his cycling trip, traveling to more than 10 countries along the Silk Road, wishing to promote the Chinese cultures in those countries and encourage the youth to overcome the difficulties to realize their dreams.

The sharing session started at 3:30pm at the Exhibition Gallery at MPI, and Professor Lei Heong Iok, the MPI president and over 50 academic staff members and students were present at the sharing session. Mr. Liu Haixiang started his trip on 5 September, 2015 in Venice, Italy, and he cycled on his own along the countries of the Silk Road including Italy, Turkey, Singapore, etc. It took Mr. Liu 250 days to conclude the journey overseas. Afterwards, Mr. Liu made Guangxi the starting point to cycle around China, and he was now traveling along Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, etc.

When asked why he chose to cycle along the Silk Road, Mr. Liu said he had a cycling dream – Quanzhou was the starting point of the historic Maritime Silk Roads, and he would like to cycle along the same route as a Quanzhou resident. He could see more and communicate with various different people during the journey. “If you do not travel around the world, how can you develop the worldview?” Mr. Liu considered that he knew the world in a more objective way after cycling around the world.

Freedom had always been desired by Mr. Liu and thus he liked cycling. He has also become the hero of a lot of people after he cycled along Quanzhou, Tibet, and the Silk Road. Mr. Liu also shared with the participants that the difficulties faced during the trip included the challenging conditions in the desert, the altitude sickness, and the complicated procedures of getting his visas. He refused to surrender to the difficulties and chose to continue.

At the end, Mr. Liu Haixiang encouraged the students to set up their dreams and targets, and then endeavor to realize them.

Mr. Liu Haixiang has held over 30 sharing sessions to convey his positive messages in China including Peking University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, etc. Professor Lei Heong Iok, the MPI president, presented a souvenir to Mr. Liu Haixiang and praised him and encouraged the students to follow their dreams bravely.

Mr. Liu Haixiang encouraged the student to follow their dreams

President Lei Heong Iok, presented the souvenir to Mr. Liu Haixiang

Mr. Liu Haixiang answered the student’s question

The text is a translation of the news report in Macao Daily on 04 April, 2017. Link.

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