Mapa do Campus

Chi Un Building

Chi Un Building
Chi Un Building
A117 / A124 Academic Affairs Department (SAA)
A101 / B101 Registry (DAMIA)
A119 Student Affairs Office (DAE)
B102 Technical and Scientific Committee Secretariat (SCTC)
  Seniors Academy (ACS)
A104 Office
A105 Student Activities Room
A122 Auditorium
A120 / A121 Exhibition Gallery & Lam Kan Gallery
A102 Lounge
A201 Computer Service Centre Helpdesk
A202 IPv6 Network Research Laboratory
A203 / A204 / A205
A206 / A207 / A210
A211 / A213 / A214
A215a / A215b
Computer Laboratories
A216 Digital Terrestrial Television Research & Testing Centre
A217 Lam Kan Special Collection Library
B204 School of Languages & Translation
  • Director's Office
  • Office of Academic / Administrative Staff
B202 Chinese Course Coordinator's Office
B206 / B207 Technical & Scientific Committee Secretariat (SCTC)
A302 Language Laboratory
A307 / A308
A315 / B301
Mutimedia Language Laboratories
A318 Electronic Lecture Theatre
A319 / A320 MPI-Melco Gaming & Entertainment Information Technology Research & Development Centre
A313 / A314 MPI-QMUL Information Systems Research Centre
A322 / A323 Joint Research Center in Ubiquitous Computing
B303 Simultaneous Interpretation Room