Professores Honorários

Prof. Shaw Chong-Hai

Prof. Carlos Ascenso André

Professor Shaw Chong-Hai is Dean of the College of Social Sciences of the Chinese Culture University (CCU) in Taiwan, where he concurrently serves as Professor of the “Institute for Sun Yat-sen and Chinese Mainland Studies” as well as holding Directorships of the “Institute for Cross-Strait and Chinese Mainland Studies” and the “Institute for Macao Studies”. Professor Shaw received his doctoral degree in history (diplomatic history) from Saint Louis University. Prior to joining CCU Professor Shaw served as Professor at Cheng Chi University, Invited Professor at the School of International Studies of Peking University, Visiting Scholar at the John King Fairbank Centre for East Asia’s Studies of Harvard University, Invited Senior Researcher at the East Asian Institute of the National University of Singapore, Adjunct Professor at the Taiwan research institutes of Xiamen University and Zhejiang University, Invited Professor and Advisor to the President of Macao Polytechnic Institute, Visiting Scholar at the Department of International Politics of Fudan University, and host of the “Distinguished Foreign Scholar’s Summer Seminar” organised by the School of International and Public Affairs of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Professor Shaw has been engaged in studies of Cross-Strait relations for 25 years, and in recent years he has also devoted his time to research on Taiwan’s relations with Macao and Hong Kong. He received a Fulbright Scholarship in 2001, the Second “Chiang Pin-kung Award for Contributions to Cross-Strait Exchange” in 2009, a research grant from the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR in 2012, and has been presented with various academic achievement awards from Cheng Chi University and the Chinese Culture University. To promote Cross-Strait studies, Professor Shaw has established the “Institute for Macao Studies” (in 2011) and the “Institute for Cross-Strait and Chinese Mainland Studies” (in 2012) at the Chinese Culture University with endowments from Mr Lao Ngai Leong and Mr Chen Jin-Long, entrepreneurs in Macao and Taiwan. The former is the first and the only research institute in Taiwan dedicated to Macao Studies. To broaden students’ global and Cross-Strait vision in response to globalisation and the development of increasingly closer Cross-Strait relations, Professor Shaw has also set up a seminar series named after the father of Mr Chen Jin-Long.

Up to the present, Professor Shaw has published 27 books, which include “Beijing’s Policies Towards Taiwan 1979-2013”, “Cross-Strait Political Relations in the New Era”, and “Cross-Strait Relations”, each important works of reference with respect to Cross-Strait studies published over the last three years. In terms of academic papers he has published some 90 journal papers and 150 conference papers. Professor Shaw has reached an age of wisdom. His passion for the discovery and dissemination of knowledge still drives him, and he will continue to write about and contribute to Cross-Strait exchanges in the years to come.