Telephone Recording Monitoring

Macao Polytechnic Institute Personal Data Collection Statement
(Telephone recording)

This Statement/Rule is a policy statement of Macao Polytechnic Institute (hereafter referred to as MPI) about telephone recording in telephone service.


Telephone recording

Based on the need of management, MPI installs dialogue recording devices in the telephone system. The answering machine prompts the caller that his/her dialogue will be recorded. The recording system starts to work after the caller agrees to continue his/her dialogue with the MPI staff member.

2. Purposes of telephone recording

The purposes of telephone recording within hotlines are:

To guarantee service quality;
To guarantee the interests of both the caller and the MPI staff member.
To guarantee the accuracy of information release.

Personal data collected from monitoring

For the need of monitoring, technical measures are taken in the telephone recording system to automatically make recordings of phone dialogues and/or phone messages, corresponding date and time.


Use of personal data collected from monitoring

MPI can consult the data recorded for the sake of the abovementioned monitoring purposes.


Personnel authorized to monitor and handle the recorded data

MPI management board and the authorized persons have the right to consult the abovementioned recordings. The aforementioned persons must abide by this Statement/Rule and have the duty to maintain secrecy.

During the process of investigating a violation of discipline, the recorded data concerned can be transferred to those who are responsible for the investigation.

During the process of investigating offences or crimes, or under the circumstances of legal restraint, the recorded data concerned may be transferred to judicial authorities, criminal police or other organizations.


Data storage life

The general storage life of the aforementioned data is six months. During the process of investigating offences or crimes, or under the circumstances of legal restraint, the recorded data concerned may be stored until the date to transfer them to the organizations mentioned in Item 5, or may be stored for a month after a clear and definite judgement, or for a longer time under the request of the organizations concerned.


Consequence to violate the Statement/Rule

Any MPI staff member who violates this Statement/Rule must take the disciplinary and/or legal responsibilities.


Rights of staff

MPI staff enjoy the information right, the right to request access to the information and the right of opposition. Anyone who requests access to the information must submit a written application to MPI Secretary-General.


Validity date and the right of interpretation

This Statement/Rule was approved by MPI Management Board on July 15, 2013, and will take effect on July 16, 2013. The document “Macao Polytechnic Institute’s Statement about Personal Data Collection (telephone recording)” which took effect on June 15, 2012 terminates on July 16, 2013.

Questions or missing items arising from this Statement/Rule will be decided by MPI Management Board.