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International Symposium on
‘Strategic Planning and Professional & Vocational Training in Higher Education’

Symposium Notice

There has been an expansion of higher education systems and concurrent increase in both the diversity of students and number of programmes and courses of learning on offer due to the global need for more highly-skilled graduates and technicians to meet growing demands. In all jurisdictions, tertiary education providers are increasingly concerned about the sustainable development of higher education.

Whilst strengthening exchanges between Macao SAR HEI’s and those from outside the SAR, this Symposium will focus on strategic planning in education, coordinated development and the cultivation of the talents and skills needed in contemporary and future society. The Symposium will provide opportunities to share experiences in programme and course development and review, focusing on the enhancement of student learning.

We cordially invite you to participate in our ‘Strategic Planning and Professional & Vocational Training in Higher Education’ to be held at Macao Polytechnic Institute, Macao SAR, from 24th - 27th October, 2011.

Symposium Themes

  1. The significance of strategic planning for educational development, and the approaches and methods of research required;
  2. Coordination of Macao SAR and mainland China higher education, in terms of mid- and long-term educational planning;
  3. The relationship between the sustainable development of HE and an increasingly diverse student body;
  4. Enhancing the design, development and implementation of academic programmes in HEIs;
  5. The effectiveness of student learning outcomes as a key criterion in evaluating academic programme design, pedagogy and quality assurance;
  6. The characteristics and construction of professional and vocational training programmes.

Symposium Schedule

Symposium Snspshots

Chinese (Putonghua) and English

No fee will be charged for registration or meals. Accommodation will be provided for accepted participants. Travel expenses to and from the Symposium and insurance will be the responsibility of the participant.

Symposium Venue
Macao Polytechnic Institute

Important Date

April 2011 Symposium notice released
Until 10 June 2011 Return of reply slip and submission of paper abstract
Until 20 Aug 2011 Submission of full paper
Early Sept 2011 Completion of review of paper
Early Sept 2011 Formal invitation letter sent
10 Sept-10 Oct 2011 Paper editing and compiling
24-27 Oct 2011 Symposium held
May 2012 Symposium Proceedings expected to be published

Contact Information
Please send the abstract and/or full paper to the following emails  Ms Alice Lao   Dr Hongfeng Zhang

Tel: 853-8599 6720 / 853-8599 6278
Fax: 853-2870 0096
Academic Affairs Department
Macao Polytechnic Institute
Rua de Luís Gonzaga Gomes, Macao

Paper Format

Papers (Word format) should include:

  1. Paper title, author’s name, institutional affiliation, job title, academic degree, research interests, contact address, e-mail; (author’s information should be placed in a footer on the front page)
  2. Abstract: less than 300 words for both Chinese and English abstracts, with key words of less than 5 phrases for each abstract;
  3. Main Text: Word count should not exceed 10,000 words;
  4. Notes should be incorporated as footnotes, and references should be placed at the end of main text. Arabic numerals should be used to number notes.
  5. Font: 新細明體 (traditional) for Chinese, Times New Roman for English; Font Size: 12
  6. Spacing and Borders: Single line spacing; no art for border;
  7. Titles of tables should be placed on the top, titles of graphs/pictures should be placed underneath.
  8. Source information should be written underneath tables and graphs, font size 10.