External Examiners

Prof. Theodore T. Y. Chen

Prof. Carlos Ascenso André

Programme examined: Accounting (Bachelor's degree)

Professor Theodore T. Y. Chen, Head of Department of Accounting at Hong Kong Shue Yan University, received his degrees from McGill University (BCom.), the University of British Columbia (MBA) and the University of Hong Kong (PhD). Before joining Hong Kong Shue Yan University he taught at the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and Trinity Western University in Canada.

In 2003 Professor Chen was nominated as Fellow of the Certified Management Accountants Society of Canada and Honorary Fellow Member of the Association of International Accountants in the UK for his international contribution to the accounting profession. In 2010 he was named by the Certified Management Accountants in Australia as Foundation Member in Hong Kong. As a practicing Certified Management Accountant in Canada, he is also a Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors.

Apart from his academic engagement, Professor Chen has served on various committees and boards of professional accounting bodies and government in Hong Kong and Canada, providing consultancy services to a variety of industries and serving as external advisor/assessor/examiner for various institutions.