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Headline:Cultural & Creative Salon (III) 2017:The Positioning Strategy of Humanistic Branding

The Cultural & Creative Salon seeks to promote local enterprise and culture by providing a supportive atmosphere in which experiences can be shared and ideas developed.


  • Ms. Chang Ting-Ting, Lillian
    General Manager of SOHO Creative Management Consulting Company;
    General Manager of Chengdu SOHO Cultural Communications Company
  • Ms. Lillian Chang, who earned a Master of Business Administration from The George Washington University, is an ardent fan of Traditional Chinese Literature and is familiar with media communication. From advocating the new working idea---“SOHO” to supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship, she had coached around 400 microenterprises, traditional industries and cultural and creative brands both in Taiwan and Mainland China within the past 20 years. Summing up the experience of coaching, she has written a book called “The Experience and Attainments of Humanistic Brands”, also named as “RenWenPinPaiXinFa”, which was published by Taiwan Locus Publishing in April, 2013.




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Event Date:2017-09-12       Time: 15:00
Target Audience:The salon is open to all, but will be of particular interest to students hoping to work in the cultural & creative industry and related fields, to those already pursuing a career in this field, as well as experts and scholars in various cultural and creative industries. (free admission)

The professionals will be invited to join the Cultural & Creative GLONALO seminar.
Organizer:Cultural and Creative Industry Teaching and Research Centre, Macao Polytechnic Institute
Venue:Lecture Theatre 2, 1/F Wui Chi Building, Macao Polytechnic Institute
Contact:Miss Chan, 8599 5006