Central Services Office

Facilities and Equipment Provision for Application Procedures and General Usage Regulations

Article 1 - Subject Matter

This provision aims to standardize the application procedure and general regulations for external organizations using facilities and equipment under the management of Macao Polytechnic Institute.

Article 2 - Applicable Scope

  1. This provision is only applicable to external applicants and users of facilities and equipment under the management of Macao Polytechnic Institute (hereinafter referred to as “MPI”).
  2. Facilities and equipment specified in the preceding section is attached to and is part of this provision.

Article 3 - Usage and Waiver Application

  1. MPI has priority in the use of its facilities and equipment. To use the facilities and equipment of the Institute external organisations must apply in advance.
  2. MPI reserves the right to grant approval according to its actual situation and the right to make the final decision.
  3. In principle MPI approves the use of its facilities and equipment in accordance with the order of application submissions. This does not affect the application of the two preceding sections.
  4. MPI reserves the right to waive some of or all of the facility charges in accordance with the actual situation and the right to make the final decision.
  5. In each year an applicant may normally only be granted one waiver of some of or all of the facilities charges, unless MPI resolves otherwise.

Article 4 - Application Procedure

  1. The applicant must be a Macao SAR Government registered organization. Applications made by individuals are not accepted.
  2. All applications should be made in writing and submitted to MPI at least 60 days prior to intended usage. Information about the nature of the usage for which the venue is required, as well as proof of Macao SAR Government registration etc. of the applicant(s), should be attached. The application should include the objectives and full details of the intended usage as such information may determine approval. Applications by made by private institutions should also submit an original copy of the No Pending Tax Declaration form from the Financial Services Bureau of the Macao SAR Government and must submit their applications in written format. Applicants should call the Central Services Office for inquiries regarding available time slots for the requested facilities. However, the Institute cannot reserve time slots in advance. If necessary applicants may pay site visits to the requested facilities and equipment. Appointment should be made in advance with Central Services Office.
  3. In principle advance applications more than 6 months prior to intended usage are not normally accepted; however, the MPI management board has authority of approval concerning all applications.
  4. Applicants will be informed of the results of their application by written notice from the Central Services Office.
  5. Following the receipt of a written approval, if applicants wish to cancel or to reduce the number of hours of usage, an application in written format must be submitted 15 working days prior to the date of the event. In the event of failure to comply the Institute reserves the right to charge the original amount of fee and to reject any future application.

Article 5 - Responsibilities of Applicants

  1. Applicants granted usage of MPI facilities and equipment should pay the appropriate fee according to the standard fee table listed in Macao Polytechnic Institute Facilities and Equipment Fee Table approved by Chief Executive ordinance No. 191/2013, unless waiver of some of or all of the charges is granted by MPI.
  2. In the event that a decision is made by MPI to apply protective floor covering mats inside the pavilion depending upon the activities to be undertaken, applicants are responsible for the expenses of the covering and must acquire the protective floor covering mat according to the fees specified in the fee table mentioned in the preceding section.
  3. Following the use of facilities and equipment, Central Services Office will calculate the total expenses according to the actual situation and a payment notice will be delivered to the applicants. Payment should be made within 30 days after written payment notice has been sent out. All payments should be made at the Treasury of the Finance Department, 1st floor, MPI Headquarters, Rua de Luís Gonzaga Gomes, Macao. Cash, cheques or cashier orders will be accepted, cheques and cashier orders being made payable to “Macao Polytechnic Institute”.
  4. If applicants are overdue in making payments twice or more in the same year the Institute reserves the right to reject any future applications. MPI will collect overdue amounts via legal proceedings if necessary.
  5. Applicants in receipt of waiver of some or all of the charges on facilities are subject to the following requirements:
    • Acknowledgment of Macao Polytechnic Institute should be printed on publicity items for the events (including posters, fliers, programs or press releases, etc.) A print of “venue subsidy” and MPI logo should be appropriately labeled or attached.
    • A set of publicity items, as mentioned in the preceding section, must be submitted to the Institute within a month of the completion of the event.
    • If applicants submit false information or fail to perform their obligations, the granting of the waiver of the fee may be rescinded in which case applicants must submit full payment of the original amount.
  6. Applicants and users are jointly and severally liable for any damage caused to the Institute by their non-compliance with this provision.

Article 6 - General Usage Regulations

  1. Illegal activities involving the use of facilities and equipment of the Institute is expressly prohibited. Applicants are liable for all activities conducted within the facilities and with the equipment of the Institute.
  2. Right of use cannot be assigned to any other individual or entity. The facilities and equipment cannot be used for anything other than the agreed permitted uses or beyond the permitted period.
  3. Opening hours specified in the attachment to this provision: Monday to Saturday (expect public holidays), 9am to 11pm, unless the Institute resolves otherwise.
  4. The operation of any electrical or mechanical systems and equipment of the facilities is prohibited. If anything unusual is found regarding the facilities and equipment it should be immediately reported to the staff of the Central Services Office.
  5. Discipline and hygiene must be maintained inside and outside the facilities. Eating and smoking is not allowed inside the facilities. Pets, beverages in glass bottles, dangerous goods and other inappropriate items are also prohibited.
  6. Permission from the Central Services Office must be obtained before moving any equipment inside the facilities.
  7. Lockers located inside changing rooms at the Multisport Pavilion are available and locker keys may be applied for at the reception desk. The user should empty the locker before he/she leaves the facility. The key must be returned to the reception desk on the same day, otherwise MPI reserves the right to open the locker and remove the property stored therein. Users will bear the responsibility and cost of lost locker keys.
  8. Users should have a clear understanding of their health status before engaging in appropriate sports activities. Users must take full responsibility for all accidents that may occur during the event. In such situations MPI can only provide appropriate assistance.
  9. Users of facilities inside Multisport Pavilion must wear appropriate sports equipment. Sport shoes that may leave shoeprints on the wooden flooring are prohibited inside the pavilion.
  10. Users must take full responsibility for their property. MPI shall take no responsibility for any loss of users’ property.
  11. Users are liable for any loss of or damage to any facilities and equipment during the use of them.
  12. Before and after the use of the facilities and equipment users should immediately contact staff of the Central Services Office to inspect them. During the use of facilities and equipment, representatives on behalf of the applicants for usage must be present.
  13. In addition to the technical support staff that MPI has specified it will provide, applicants of usage must allocate personnel of their own to take care of all the work required during the event (including reception, security, etc.); during the use of the Multisport Pavilion applicants of usage are also responsible for taking appropriate measures (for example, employing a professional cleaning services company during the event).
  14. Large scale decorations, posters or other displays / signs around the venue are subject to prior approval. The organizer is fully responsible for the setting up and dismantling of all such approved items.
  15. All set-up/dismantled materials and rubbish (including banners) must be removed immediately after the activity. Failure to comply will result in expenses for cleaning and material removal being charged to the renting organization. MPI also reserves the right to consider future applications unfavourably based on failure to comply with this clause.

Article 7 - Application for Parking Spaces

  1. If required applicants of usage granted permission to use the MPI facilities and equipment may apply for the use of parking spaces through the Central Services Office. This application should be submitted 14 working days prior to the date of the event. The decision concerning the number of parking spaces provided will be made by the Central Services Office in accordance with the actual situation.
  2. Parking spaces are available only upon approval of the application.

Article 8 - Cancellation of Right to Usage

The Institute reserves the right to unilaterally cancel any approved usage application or change any approved date of use. Applicants must cooperate with the MPI decision and may not demand any compensation from MPI.

Article 9 - Final Regulation

  1. The MPI Board of Management has the right to revise this provision in accordance with the actual situation without prior notice.
  2. Any questions or missing items occurring due to implementation of these provisions may be resolved by the Board of Management.

Article 10 - Validation

The MPI Board of Management resolved and passed these provisions on 03-09-2013 and they came into effect starting on 04-09-2013, on which date provisions No.23R/CG/DAAG/2009 Macao Polytechnic Institute Main Building Rental, Application Procedure and Usage Provision and No. 24R/CG/DAAG/2009 Macao Polytechnic Institute Multisport Pavilion External Rental and Management Provision approved by Board of Management on 07-12-2009 were rescinded.