Past Issues


On the Legal Basis of the Co-location Juxtaposed Control Arrangement for Guangzhou-Hong Kong High-speed Railway ZHONG Wenyu,
YI Saijian
The Latest Revision of the Company Law in Taiwan and its Enlightenment LEI Fei, LIU Zirui
Two 20 Years: the Contemporary China and the Contemporary Macao IEONG Wan Chong
The Development of the Law System after Macao Reunification: A Cultural Perspective PENG Yanchong
The Content of Freedom of Contract in the Law System of Macao LIU Yi, YE Zaixing
On the Feasibility of Establishing the Penalty Clause in the Public Purchase Contract FOK Ka Seng
The Research of the Ranks of Various Administrative Regulations and their Respective Normative Scope CHEANG Kam Yiu
The Legitimacy of Hong Kong Government’s Decision to Ban the “National Party”: Further Discussion on the Prohibition of Calls for Independence XIANG Fan
An Analysis of the Hong Kong Basic Law upon the Case of Transgender Marriage FU Jing
Opponent or Partner? A Study on the Relationship between International Commercial Tribunal and International Arbitration SU Weikang
On the Connotation, Value of and Approach for Unification of Maritime Legislation CHEN Shi
Corporate Abuse of Personal Information Legal Countermeasures WEN Libin
The Discretion of Tertiary Institutions in Degree Disputes and the Density of its Judicial Review: A Case Study of Yu Yanru ZHANG Yanfeng