Special Report

A Historical Review – the Taiwan Problem: 1949-2008 WANG Jinxiang
Administration According to Law under the New Situation XU Chongde


“One Country, Two Systems” and National Sovereignty

On Sovereignty Maintenance and Authorized Governing IEONG Wan Chong
On the National Behaviour in the Basic Law of the Special Administrative Region WANG Kai
Sovereignty and Autonomy: An Exploration into the Power Lines between the Central Government and the Hong Kong SAR GAO Peng
The Characteristics and Development Trend of the Macau Political Ecosystem since the Restoration FENG Bangyan
HE Xiaojing
Deliberative Democracy: the Choice for the Democratic Political Development in China ZHANG Zhongshan
DAI Yuqin


“One Country, Two Systems” and Implementation Patterns

A Jurisprudence Analysis on the NPC Standing Committee’s authorizing the Macau SAR Ruling the UM Campus in Hengqin ZHU Shihai
The Study of the Legal Problems for the Idea of “One Island, Two Systems” in Hengqin DENG Weiping
WANG Xiaobo
On the Legal Nature of CEPA between the Mainland and Macau SU Ning
The Influence and Effect of CEPA on the Trade Cooperation between Macau and the Mainland China DANG Xi
A New Challenge for the Implementation of the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy in the Hong Kong SAR: The Dilemma and Future of Hong Kong's Political Development ZHUANG Jinfeng
The Proposition of the Hong Kong Problem and the Finalization of the “One Country, Two Systems” Principle HUANG Hongzhao


“One Country, Two Systems” and Jurisprudence Study

On the Judicial Independence in the Macau SAR LI Yanping
A Constitutional Analysis on the Development of Social Associations under the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy JI Chaoyuan
Comparison Study on the Security Measures between Macau and the Mainland FAN Jianmin
The Legal Perspective of the Peace Agreement between the Mainland and Taiwan ZUO Quan
From “Constitutional Amendments” to “Constitutional Reform”: Rethinking on the “Constitutional Development” in Taiwan LI Xiaobing
A Comparative Study on the Ocean Environment Protection Law between Hong Kong and the Mainland XIE Wei


A Wide Angle

A National Soul: Hu Qinyuan ZHANG Dongbao
The Culture of Harmony; “One Country, Two Systems”; the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong WEI Jing
GU Xinhua
Academic Activities