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27/01/2021 星期三 15:00-16:00 (中文場 Chinese session)

27/01/2021 Wednesday 16:30-17:30 (English session)


內容 Content

  • IET Inspec/Inspec Analytics – benefits in using index searching and the insights/intelligence on EV platform;
  • IET – Membership and other resources.
Inspec Analytics 以Inspec數據為基礎,讓科研人員洞悉電腦、工程和物理學科領域本地及全球發展趨勢和模式。
Inspec Analytics is a research intelligence tool that allows researchers to explore Inspec's data to uncover trends and patterns across a wide range of computing, engineering and physics disciplines at both local and global levels.

主講 Speaker

Mr. Adrian Tang, Business Development Manager APAC - Inspec & Publishing, IET

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中文場 (會議帳號: 892 5775 8234)
English Session (Meeting ID: 885 0011 8583)

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電話 Tel:8599-6241 / 8599-6708


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