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Professor Ma Quan of Tsinghua University Lectured on “The Boundaries of Visual Arts” at MPI

 Professor Ma Quan of Tsinghua University lectured on “the Boundaries of Visual Arts” at MPI
 Group photo of Professor Ma Quan with MPI teachers and students

Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) recently invited Professor Ma Quan from Visual Communication Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University to give an academic lecture on “The Boundaries of Visual Arts”, through which it carried out so as to effectuate dialogue and exchange with teachers and students from the School of Arts of MPI as well as broadened their new horizons in interdisciplinary arts research.

In the lecture, Professor Ma shared his rich teaching research and practical experience. He believes that visual arts mainly solve the problems of self, while design more often solves the problems of others. Professor Ma used the principles of visual communication design that can be carried out in intersectoral without crossing border to describe his design practical experience. Through introducing the possibility of spatial narrative and intersectoral design, he shared his experience of “self-research” and continuous exploratory in desert with all attendants.

Professor Ma used media narration to explore the self-transcendence of living individuals in natural space and the relationships of coexistence between the macro-field and micro-objects. Through the integrated media such as Chinese painting, installations, video, music, printmaking, etc., he conducted experimental creation of desert narratives, and created a new mechanism of artistic transformation between narrative and media, media and language, presentation and viewing.

MPI values the creativity, the different perspectives and the research capacity of the students in the areas of arts and cultures, dedicating itself to offer degree programmes in diversified arts. Artists and scholars are frequently invited to give lectures and thematic activities, thus fostering students to broaden their artistic and academic horizons. Students who attended the seminar expressed that through Professor Ma’s sharing and encouragement, they were able to learn about the latest development of cross-disciplinary art creation. In future, they hope to have the opportunity to go out and see the world, broadening their horizons and inspiring their creativity.

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