Year 2016

To promote a diversified development of young people, and to provide information about various government measures to support youth entrepreneurship to the students who want to set up businesses, Macao Polytechnic Institute and Macao Economic Services organized a “Briefing Session on the Young Entrepreneurs Aid Scheme - Macao Polytechnic Institute Session” on 9 March 2016.

The session, presented by Mr. Tai Kin Ip, the Deputy Director of Macao Economic Services, covered the selection criteria for Young Entrepreneurs Aid, the services of the Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre and Mentorship Scheme for Young Entrepreneurs etc. In addition the speaker analyzed successful strategies for getting Young Entrepreneurs Aid, and also shared some successful examples of the currently booming e-commerce in China, as well as the close cooperation between Macao and the Mainland.

The students and teachers from Science in Computing and E-Commerce all considered the briefing session to have a strong connection with their profession and said it had played a positive role with respect to their career planning.

The representatives from MPI attending the briefing session included Dr. Tse Tan Sim, Rita, Acting Director of the School of Public Administration, and Dr. Leong Sok Lei, Programme Coordinator of E-commerce.