Prémios de Alunos

19/12 MPI Student Cao Yue Upon Becoming the Winner of the Third Prize Award in the 2019 "FLTRP ‧ ETIC Cup" English Public Speaking Contest
7/12 MPI Student Lai Un wins the 3rd place in the Speech Contest at Shantou University’s 17th Annual English Festival
12/12 MPI Student Li Huanzhe on Becoming the Champion in the “Memória – A Minha Pegada na Europa” Photography Contest
2/12 MPI Students Win the 3rd Prize at the 16th "Challenge Cup" Extracurricular Academic, Science and Technology Project Competition
14/11 MPI Student Cao Yue for Achieving the 2nd Runner-up and Best Manner Award in the 18th Macao-wide English Speech Contest and the “21st Century Cup”National English Speaking Competition Macao Regional Contest
28/10 MPI Students Achieve Outstanding Results in the 15th World Wushu Championships
30/8 MPI student Chan Chon Kei for being awarded the Partial Scholarship from ACA – Austria Culture Academy
28/6 MPI Students Win the Championship and 3rd Place in the 4th East Asia Tchoukball Championship 2019 Men's and Women's Category respectively
12/6 MPI Students Ma Chi Lam and Li Hangjun Achieve the 2nd Prize at the 11th China's National Situation Knowledge Contest
6/6 MPI Students Achieve the 3rd Prize in the Macao University Student Small Dragon Boat Race -- 200m Open Category at the 2019 Macao International Dragon Boat Races
5/6 MPI Students of the Design Programme for Achieving Outstanding Results in the "5th Macao Brand Packaging Design Competition"
28/5 MPI Students Lan Fangheng and Ng Ka Kei Become the Champion in the "15th Macao Higher Education Institutions Writing Competition" and "Emoji Design Competition for Mobile Programme"
27/5 MPI Students Achieve the 2nd Place in the 2018-2019 Macao University Students Football Championsh
6/5 MPI Student Lei Cheng In Achieves the "Good Citizen Award" from the Fire Services Bureau of the Macao SAR Government
15/4 MPI Student Sun In Wins the 2nd Place and Sports Moral Award at the "2019 National University Students' Gobang Championship"
15/4 The MPI Tchoukball Team Becomes the Champion in the "3rd EdUHK International University Tchoukball Invitation Competition"
29/3 MPI Student LUO ZIXIN Winning the Gold Medal and the Special Prize at the 22nd Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies “Archimedes”
10/4 MPI Students Achieve the 2nd Place in the "2019 Macao Higher Education Institutions Badminton Competition"
0/4 MPI Student Wong Chin Wa and Alumna Hoi Long Win the Championships of the 2019 Macao Open Triathlon in the Men's and Women's Open Categories respectively
9/4 MPI Students Achieve the 3,sup>rdrd Place in the "2018-2019 Macao University Students Futsal Championship"p> Place in the "2018-2019 Macao University Students Futsal Championship"
28/3 MPI's Cantonese Debating Team Wins the Championship of the Chinese Debate Competition
28/3 MPI Men's and Women's Volleyball Team Win the 1st and 2nd Place in the Macao University Students Volleyball Championship respectively
27/3 MPI Student YANG LIUMENG Winning the Third Prize at the Grand Final of the 24th China Daily “21st Century.Coca-Cola Cup” National English Speaking Competition
27/3 MPI Alumni Kuok Chi Wai and Hoi Long Win the Duathlon Championship (Men’s and Women's Open Categories)
21/3 MPI's Cantonese and Putonghua Debating Team Win the Championship and 3rd Place of the Tertiary Debate Competition respectively
15/3 MPI Student Xiong Xiaotong for Winning the Championship in the Drawing Competition (Tertiary Category) Organised by the Public Security Police Force
22/2 MPI Student LUO ZIXIN Awarded the Silver Medal by the National Research Council of Thailand
23/1 MPI Students Chen Ruolin and Ma Chi Lam Achieve the Merit Award in the Chinese Essay Writing Competition of the Academy of Public Security Forces
9/1 MPI student, Chan Chon Kei, Achieving Excellent Results at the 7th Macao (Global) Interschool Piano Competition