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Dr. Tam Cheung On

Dr. Tam Cheung On

Dr. Tam Cheung On

Programme examined:

Visual Art (Bachelor's degree)

Dr Tam Cheung On was awarded Certificate of Studio Ceramics in 1991 (Hong Kong Polytechnics), the Bachelor of Education in 1992 (University of Wolverhampton), Master of Education in 1996 (University of Hong Kong) and Doctor of Philosophy in 2006 (University of London). He is currently working at the Education University of Hong Kong as Associate Professor in the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts and he is a member of the Contemporary Ceramics Society Hong Kong

Dr Tam’s works have been selected for exhibitions at the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition (Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1992, 1996 and 2003) and the Tea Wares by Hong Kong Potters' Exhibition (Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, 1989, 1992 and 1998). His publications include From Galleries to the Classroom: Art Appreciation, Criticism, and Education (2001), Museum and Art Education (2004), and Three Cases of Using Object-based Learning with University Students (2015).  His papers appeared in International Journal of Education Through Art (2010), Research in Arts Education (2010, 2016), Research in Learning Technology (2012), The International Journal of Arts Education (2012, 2013), The International Journal of Art and Design Education (in press), Special Education Perspectives (2015) and Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology (2008, 2016). 

Dr Tam was appointed as Visiting Fellow by the Institute of Education, The University of London for the period of May to July 2009.  He is the co-editor of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Arts Education. He has been the Principal Investigator of a number of research and teaching projects, including Developing Students’ Critical Response to Visual Arts: A Study of Inquiry Approaches and Outcomes in Learning Art Criticism (General Research Grant, 2015), A Research Study and Professional Support for the Development and Implementation of the New Senior Secondary Visual Arts Curriculum for Students with Intellectual Disabilities (EDB commissioned project, 2010), Patterns of High and Low Achievers in Responding to Works of Art in a Pilot Visual Arts Examination for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education, (Internal Research Grant, 2008), Understanding Global Issues through Cross-Faculty Collaborations (Teaching Development Grant, 2016), and Transcending Learning Space and Time – The Using of Podcast and iTunes Technologies in Module Delivery (Teaching Development Grant, 2010).


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