The Macao Polytechnic Institute Student Expectations

MPI is committed to providing quality tertiary education that seeks to promote academic excellence with local relevance, while incorporating a blend of Eastern and Western traditions. It aims to produce high-standard, socially-conscious graduates who will contribute to the economic, social, cultural and wider aspects of development in Macao and its neighbouring regions. Based on this mission statement, MPI expects its graduates to possess the following attributes:

  • To demonstrate strong academic competence in related disciplines
  • To think critically and contribute constructively in teamwork and leadership
  • To communicate effectively in both speaking and writing
  • To possess a global vision which enables them to understand issues and problems from different perspectives
  • To articulate effectively in a variety of contexts using knowledge, skills and expertise acquired to serve both the local and international community
  • To have a positive attitude towards society and the environment in the development of a fair and caring society
  • To demonstrate a keen interest in and strong capacity for life‐long learning
  • To practise high standards of ethical behaviour
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