Positive Energy Sharing Session

Chan Wai Man, an outstanding alumnus, was invited to share his own inspirational story with students at the Positive Energy Sharing Session
Group photo of Chan Wai Man, an alumnus, and part of the students from Music programme

In order to cultivate a positive outlook on life for students and establish a positive campus atmosphere, the Student Affairs Office of Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) recently held a "Positive Energy Sharing Session", inviting an outstanding alumnus teacher Chan Wai Man, to share his inspirational stories, to encourage students to face challenges with a healthy and positive attitude under the daily epidemic prevention, and to provide inspiration and guidance for students' life and career planning.

After graduating from the MPI Bachelor of Arts in Music programme, Chan Wai Man was awarded a scholarship and went to the United States of America for further studies. After returning to Macao, he engaged in music education. In 2019, he was awarded the "Outstanding Musician of the Year 2019" and "2019 Outstanding Performance Teacher" by the Zhuhai Musicians Association and the Education and Youth Bureau respectively. At the beginning of this year, he created the anti-epidemic song "Fulfilling the Original Goal" to cheer up frontline medical staff and convey positive energy to the society through art. The song was released on multiple platforms in China and Macao, and was awarded a certificate by the People’s Music Publishing House.

Chan Wai Man shared with students his experience in creating anti-epidemic songs and his path to success as a musician. He encouraged the students to have a humble learning attitude, evaluate their self-weakness frequently, learn to accept and enjoy failures in the process of pursuing dreams, and to accumulate them and transform them into motivation for future success. Mr Chen, student whom attended the sharing session and is currently studying in Bachelor of Arts in Music programme, said that through the sharing session, he learned that his senior, Mr Chan's music learning journey has not been easy. He understands that there is no “born to be” victory group in the world. Only those with perseverance and continuous hard work are worthy of appreciation; this has led him to reflect on cherishing the present, and to grasp hard the time of youth. Ms Hoi, student from the same programme said that from anti-epidemic songs, she felt that music is a great medium, which can release warmth and strong power. The sense of mission that she shoulders as a musician makes her honored and proud.

The Macao Polytechnic Institute has always paid attention to the whole-person development of students. The Student Affairs Office of MPI will continue to organise various activities to establish a positive campus atmosphere, enhance the ability of college students to face challenges and adversity, and promote positive thinking and the physical and mental health of college students, to inspire their long-term development.

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