General Information

Founded in 1993, the School of Physical Education and Sports seeks to establish a solid reputation as the local centre for higher sports education. It has a team of experienced and qualified full-time teaching staff, complemented by part-time and visiting lecturers from various physical education universities of the People's Republic of China.

We provide multi-media classrooms and laboratories: (Biomechanics Lab, Biochemistry Lab, Physiology Lab and Medicine Science Lab). The School, along with its existing facilities, also makes full use of outside installations to provide plenty of space and equipment for learning and research purposes.

The School is the leading sports research centre in Macao. All members of the teaching staff take an active part in the scientific research work, and a great number of articles and papers are published or presented at conferences and in academic journals. As a public educational institution, the School is especially dedicated to cooperating with other institutions on investigations and studies of every aspect, in order to provide a scientific basis for formulating government policy.

The School maintains friendly cooperation with higher educational institutions of the People's Republic of China, Portugal and the United States of America, through signing protocols, visits, exchanges of lecturers and students.

The School also facilitates the organisation of public welfare activities as a positive contribution to the Macao community.


Mapping of MPI Graduate Attributes to Programme Objectives: Bachelor of Physical Education