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General Information

The School of Languages and Translation (ESLT) was previously known as the School of Chinese and the School of Techniques. The planning stage started as early as in 1865, and it was until 1905 that the School was formally inaugurated. As a public school with a history of one hundred years, it has been playing a crucial role in training Chinese-Portuguese translators for Macao.

After the handover and the entry of China to the WTO, in order to cope with the new challenges and opportunities due to economic globalization, the School launched the Chinese-English Translation Programme in 2000, which represents the first in Macao, with its first group of students graduated in 2004.

Currently, the School offers two Higher Diploma programmes and two Bachelor's degree programmes, including Higher Diploma in Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation, Higher Diploma in Chinese-Portuguese Translation and Interpretation, B.A. in Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation and B.A. in Chinese-Portuguese Translation and Interpretation. After completing the 3-year higher diploma programme, students can proceed to the fourth year to obtain a bachelor’s degree. The School has a full-time staff establishment of 33, including 13 Portuguese teachers, 13 English teachers and 7 Chinese teachers, and they are from Macao, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

As a tertiary institution located in Macao, the School strives to meet the new challenges of the world in the age of globalisation. Their academic tradition is maintained through the promotion of a multi-lingual and cultural environment, which elevates teaching and research standards. They are devoted to the creation of a dynamic teaching and research community committed to the cultural and economic well-being of Macao in response to an ever increasing demand for qualified professionals in language and translation. The School has taken its role as follows:

  • offers professionally oriented programmes leading to the award of first degrees, through an emphasis on quality higher education;
  • offers the best teaching, academic and research environment for both students and teachers;
  • pursues actively deep collaboration with other higher education institutions both locally and overseas;
  • makes ESLT as the base in Southern China for training translators and interpreters.