Seniors Academy

General Information

The Seniors Academy (ACS) Taipa is to be opened at the end of November 2019. The ACS Taipa School will be located on the first floor of Taipa Chun Su Mei Community Center which is in the heart of Taipa, just next to Cunha Street and Regedor Street, and just upstairs from the Chun Su Mei bus stop.

The Taipa school of ACS is well equipped with special facilities that are tailor-made for the elderly. There is a computer room, music room, painting room, multi-function activity room and student activity room.

ACS Taipa School is going to launch a program of short courses beginning from the end of November 2019 and running up to March 2020. The short courses include Western Painting – sketching, Smartphone Tutorial – I Phone, Smartphone Tutorial – Android, Singing Class, Thera-band Exercise and Nutrition Mix and Match: Choosing the Right Food for Elderly. In addition, the Taipa School is planning to recruit new students for a four year study program together with the Macau school in June 2020.