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Bringing the New: Joint Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition of Year 3, Visual Programme, MPI

Macao Polytechnic Institute Visual Programme Joint Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition of Year 3  is now open

The opening ceremony of the "Joint Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition of Visual Arts Programme, Macao Polytechnic Institute", themed "GYBE", was held by the Visual Arts Programme of the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI). The exhibition comprises 20 pieces of modern and contemporary art works with various art forms, created by junior (year 3) students of Macao Polytechnic Institute, including installations, immersive art, conceptual art as well as graphic works. This is a new milestone for our institute.

Officiating guests attending the opening ceremony included Mrs. Hsu Hsiu-Chu, the Director of the School of Arts, Prof. Victor Lai, the Sub-Director of the School of Arts, Mr. Lok Hei, the President of Macau Artist Society and Mrs. Alice Kok, the President of Art For All Society. After the ceremony, year 3 students from the School of Arts presented their works to the guests. The guests were fascinated by the works exhibition and their meaning behind it.

The exhibition includes several important works. For example, in Wong Sio Hang’s "The Missionary", people can write or choose their own faiths in transparent plastic bottles which represent the homogeneousness of beliefs or faiths. These plastic bottles are put into a fluorescent altar to complete the deification. This ritual makes the participants into missionaries by the definition of the piece. The fancy fluorescent colour altar represents the placebo effect that our beliefs or faith bring to us. Another student Leung Kuan U’s work "Are the Chickens Happy?" uses blue sky, white clouds and grassland to contrast with the dark and harsh environment inside the tent. When a viewer walks into the work, he can feel how densely chickens are raised while reading the fragments on the wall. The words on the wall take their inspiration from ancient murals. Our descendants will know how we treat animals now, just as we understand the attitudes of the ancients towards animals through murals. Lueng also believes that this work is open to discussion. After all, there is no absolute chaos and ideals in this world.

This exhibition is a new trial for the Visual Arts Programme of the Macao Polytechnic Institute. Students take modern and contemporary arts as the thematic orientation, carry out diversified artistic creations and expand innovative thinking. The exhibition is available to the public till 20th May, 10:00 to 20:00, Sunday to Monday, on G floor, Macao Polytechnic Institute Gallery, Research and Development Building, MPI Taipa Campus. People who are interested are welcome to visit.

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