MPI Holds Symposium on HR Development for Gaming and Macao Higher Education

The conference was convened in the form of online and offline participation
Representatives from the six gaming companies in discussion with the centre staff

To better understand and meet the market needs and cultivate the high-quality management talents for the gaming industry in Macao, The Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies (CJT) of the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) held a symposium on “Human Resources Development of Gaming Enterprises and Higher Education in Macao” on May 13. The conference was convened in the form of online and offline participation. Chair Professor Cathy Hsu, School of Hotel and Tourism Management of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Professor Cui Geng, Department of Marketing and International Business of the Lingnan University, participated in the symposium and gave speeches through Zoom. Representatives from the six gaming companies, Director Professor Wang Changbin, Deputy Director Johnny Siu and the teaching staff of the CJT attended the symposium held on the Macao campus of MPI.

Participants conducted in-depth discussions on how higher education in Macao can better serve the healthy development of the gaming companies in Macao. Prof. Cathy Hsu indicated that since the COVID-19 pandemic, Macao and even the global tourism industry have undergone historic changes. Operations management and customer strategies have to be modified. The programme curriculum also needs to be continuously reviewed and improved in order to keep pace with the times, respond to the progressive changes in the society and prepare for the future prospects.  Prof. Cui Geng pointed out that tertiary-level courses need to adapt to the rapid development and the changing market environment; course adjustment and new subjects should be considered at any time according to market needs. Prof. Cui took Marketing as an example; topics such as digital economy, online marketing, social media, and data analysis help improve the relevance of the course subject and enhance students’ competitiveness in the workplace.

The CJT’s programme coordinator Carlos Siu Lam made a presentation titled “Informal Industry-University Partnership in Gaming Education and Research”. Dr. Siu Lam introduced the curriculum features, student structure, quality assurance system, and various learning activities which have been carried out in cooperation with the industry and government departments. Dr. Siu also stressed that the two-way cooperative relationship between the industry and the higher education institutions can help enhance students’ vision and ability. Moreover, such cooperation helps teachers and researchers understand the needs of the industry and adjust the teaching content in a timely manner. Associate Professor Susana Mieiro and Lecturer Ryan Ho of the CJT also shared their views on international gaming education and career prospects at the symposium.

The representatives of the gaming companies expressed the importance of the digital economy, artificial intelligence, data analysis, project management and product management to the development of the industry. They hope that the industry and academia can work together to improve the quality and capabilities of employees and thus enhance the competitiveness in the city’s gaming and recreation industry. The industry representatives appreciated MPI for inviting industry professionals to give lectures and participate in seminars at the Institute. Meanwhile, they also welcomed MPI to visit the gaming industry and conduct courses within the gaming companies. In addition, the industry representatives expressed their appreciation for the degree programmes at CJT and reflected that employees who have taken the programmes were promoted or rewarded more in the companies; they have also created a positive and motivative atmosphere in the team. 

The representatives of the gaming companies participating in the offline forum are Ms. Zuleika Mok, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Wynn Macau; Mr. Tian Han, Senior Vice President of Gaming Operations & Strategic Marketing at MGM China; Ms. Rosy Pang, Vice President of Talent Management & Leadership Development at Galaxy Entertainment Group; Mr. Nico Choi, Director of Gaming Training at Melco Resorts & Entertainment; Mr. Lourence Ho, Director of HR – Training & Development of Sands China; Ms. Hannah Koo, Manager of Performance Improvement Department at SJM Holdings.

Group photo of six gaming companies’ representatives and the centre staff

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