MPI Students' Charity Visit to Community Neighbourhoods

MPI students getting to know the function of the Pou Lei Centre of the Fuhong Society
MPI students and the trainees of Fuhong Society completing handicraft products together

In order to cultivate values ​​of fraternity and solidarity among university students, as well as promote community education and raise the attention of students to disadvantaged in the community, the Student Affairs Office of Macao Polytechnic Institute recently carried out a series of activities within the framework of the Charitable Fellowship Programme 2020, including “Visit to the Fuhong Society of Macao”, organised MPI students by visiting the Pou Lei Centre of the Fuhong Society. The participants were able to learn about the function and services provided by the Centre trainees. The students also assisted trainees of Fuhong Society in completing handicraft production together, expressing affection and blessing to them.

Ms Wong, student from the Nursing Programme said that, through this on-site visit, she realised the diversity of the trainees training content. Aside from handicraft production, trainees can receive house-keeping training through the mock up hotel room installed at the Centre, so that in the future, they can integrate into society through the knowledge they have gained. Ms Mao, student from the Chinese-Portuguese Translation and Interpretation Programme stated that, it was very meaningful to complete handicraft products together with the trainees. With the introduction by the Centre staff and interaction with the trainees, she learnt that every trainee has his/her own potential. She also encouraged them to actively develop their respective advantages. On the other hand, through this activity, Ms U, student from the Physical Education and Sports Programme said that she had acquired a deeper knowledge about the employment and daily needs of the trainees, and believed that the experiences gained from this visit will contribute a lot to her upcoming internship at the integrated education school as well as to her education career in the future.

The MPI Student Affairs Office always encourages students to actively participate in social activities. Through the continuous realisation of various types of activities of public interest, the Student Affairs Office aims to reinforce the sense of mission and social responsibility of MPI students, and establish a correct awareness of values ​​and life, so that students are equipped with courage to face the various life challenge, actively participating in society with positivity, in order to contribute and construct a harmonious campus and society.

MPI students send blessing to the trainees of Fuhong Society

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