Bachelor of Arts in Music


In 1997, the Polytechnic Institute offered a course for “Higher Diploma in Music ( Educational)” to extend Macao’s system of education so as to help music teachers become better qualified. The course for “Bachelor of Arts in Music (Educational)” began in 2005. Now, from Sept , 2009, the Polytechnic Institute will offer a course for “ Bachelor of Arts in Music “(Specialties of Education and Performance).

The course consists of core, supplementary and practical subjects which cover a wide range of topics and approaches, including the study of historical and contemporary perspectives, various musical cultures of the world and music traditions of Macao, application of technology in music education, performance, etc.

The objectives of the Course are:

  1. To deepen students' understanding of the functions, concepts, structures and values of music.
  2. To train students to think independently and to work creatively and intelligently towards their own music field of interest.

All the staff members are committed to help the students reach a high level of musical and intellectual development. Graduates of the Course will be able to apply their ability and intelligence when teaching primary and secondary school. Their knowledge gained from the course will not only enable them to teach or perform instruments, but also to fulfill positions in organizations related to music and culture such as arts management or to work in the field of music as a composer.


4 years

Credit requirements

126 credits

Teaching Language



Daytime Programme

International Recognition

This programme is positively reviewed by the Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT).