澳門理工學院學生往葡萄牙布拉幹薩理工學院生物醫學技術理學士課程 (藥劑技術)交流學習

I joined the MPI exchange programme in my first semester. This was a valuable opportunity to intern in a hospital pharmacy in Bragança, Portugal for 6 weeks. Thank you, Macao Polytechnic Institute, for giving me a precious chance! It was my first time to Bragança, Portugal; I was very excited and full of curiosity.

In those 6 weeks, under the guidance of the pharmacy technician, Luís Miguel F. Nascimento, I learned to understand the mission of a pharmacy technician and the daily operation of the hospital pharmacy in Bragança, Portugal. I am very grateful to the supervisor of the pharmacy hospital - Luís Miguel F. Nascimento, who taught me a lot of useful things, such as how to manage the medication, analyze the prescription and dispense the medicines for the inpatients. I also learned about the IT resources and specific systems related to hospital pharmacy that I need to enhance the safety and quality of all medicines for the inpatients. The supervisor and the other staff in the pharmacy hospital were amiable and helpful. Moreover, during my internship, I met two local students working with me. They were friendly and kind, and I am glad that I worked with them; they always answered and explained my questions patiently and taught me Portuguese. All that I learned in the hospital pharmacy in Bragança, is very beneficial and valuable to me.

When I was living in a hostel in Bragança, I met a lot of international students; they were from Brazil. We shared our own culture and became friends with each other. We hope to meet again in the future. Furthermore, I experienced the local life and lifestyle, which is relaxed, comfortable and peaceful, and I liked the way of life in Bragança, Portugal.

My Bragança journey was abundant and wonderful. I enjoyed living in Bragança for 6 weeks. I hope that one day I can visit and explore Portugal again. I got an impressive internship and a lot of precious memories from there. I will never forget this wonderful journey.

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