Alexandre Beldroegas

My thoughts in Macau, from Macau....

Now that some time has passed since my arrival in Macau, I must say that I am still surprised. Positively surprised of course. I am used to travel in Europe and this was my first travel outside Europe and into Asia. I was not sure what to expect because all countries and its population have their differences, so it has been great to know more about this distant and “exotic” country called Macau. exchangestudent alexandreThis happened thanks the mobility and cooperation programs that exist in the universities and polytechnics. When someone talks about Macau, the first thing that goes in mind is of course casinos and gambling. But Macau is much more than that. For instance, there is this cultural background from China and Portugal and this makes an interesting mix from western and occidental cultures.

Personally it has been difficult to cope with most of the oriental cuisine, but if I didn't try it, then what would be the purpose of learning? It took me some time to understand how things worked because of the cultural differences but overall it has been great experience because it definitely makes me more a citizen of the world instead of a European. I definitely want to return to Macau some day.

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