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Special Purpose Scholarships

In order to advance the development of Wushu in Macao, the Macau Polytechnic Institute has signed up an agreement with the Macau Wushu Association for cultivating excellent athletes together. Scholarship for Outstanding Athletes has been set up for encouraging the awarded athletes of the Macau Wushu Association to study Bachelor of Physical Education Programme.

Applicants must be recommended by the Macau Wushu Association in writing form and conform to the following requirements:

  1. under the age of 30;
  2. High School graduated;
  3. once be awarded the Best 3 in one of the following competitions:
    • World Cup/Asian Cup Wushu Championships
    • World/Asian Wushu Championships
    • Wushu contests of Asian Games
    • Universiade/Championship
    • World/Asian Junior Wushu Championships
    • Wushu contests of East Asian Youth Games
    • Wushu contests of National Games
    • Wushu contests of National Student Games

The quota of the Scholarships: the maximum of 2 candidates each year; all tuition fee will be waived for being the Champion of the competitions above, 90% tuition fee deduction for the runner-up and 80% tuition fee deduction for the third place.

If the awarded athletes cannot obtain 80% of the total credits of that academic year according to the study plan, or if the students defer their studies, withdraw from their study or change to part-time mode half-way through their studies, the scholarships will be terminated automatically. Each student is limited to receiving the scholarship for 4 successive academic years. Anyone failing to complete their study within 4 successive academic years must pay for all expenses incurred in completing the programme thereafter. Each student will be awarded for only one time.

Remarks:MPI reserves the right to amend the details of the implementation of the scholarship at its discretion.
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