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Hostel Fees

Location Hostel Fee
(on ten months basis, 1st September to 30th June of the following year)
Summer Residence Hostel Deposit
(one-time payment, will be refunded upon check-out when all accounts are settled)
Nam Ngon Hostel MOP11,350 MOP500/half a month MOP1,030
Nam Fong Hostel MOP11,350 MOP500/ half a month MOP1,030
Meng Tak Building Hostel MOP11,350 MOP500/ half a month MOP1,030
  1. Hostel fees may be subject to annual adjustments. Fees indicated above will be implemented in the academic year 2011/2012.
  2. Fees for summer residence are charged every half a month, (e.g. check in 1st July, check out 16th July, the fees are MOP$500; check in 1st July, check out 17th to 31st July, fees are MOP$1,000.)
  3. All students have summer residence fees exempted for ten days before the first day of classes (including the first day of classes).
  4. Some scholarship holders (such as "New Horizons Scholarship " students) or those students who come to study here under an agreement with MPI (such as Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPL) exchange students), can be exempted from paying the hostel fees in accordance with the provisions of scholarships or the terms of the agreement.
  5. Electricity and water fees incurred during the above period are paid by students according to the relevant hostel's charges.
  6. Written applications for summer residence must be submitted on a specified date in accordance with the notice issued by the Student Affairs Office. Only those who have been approved and made payments according to the provisions may move in.
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