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(Bachelor of Arts in Chinese-Portuguese/ Portuguese-Chinese Translation and Interpretation)

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  1. Eligible Students

    Second-year students of the Bachelor of Arts in Chinese-Portuguese/Portuguese-Chinese Translation and Interpretation (hereinafter the “Degree Programme”) of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (hereinafter the “IPL”) are eligible to participate in this exchange programme.

    This exchange programme is part of the Degree Programme, and all eligible students must participate in it and continue the second and third years of study abroad.

    However, if you cannot participate in it for any reason (e.g. health problems), you must inform the Degree programme coordinator from IPL.

    This exchange programme lasts for two years. Eligible students will spend the second year of study at Beijing Language and Culture University(hereinafter the “BLCU”) and the third year at the Macao Polytechnic Institute (hereinafter the “MPI”). And in the fourth year, students will return to IPL to finish their study of the Degree Programme.

  2. VISA for Entry to Macao and / or China

    Portuguese passport holders do not need a visa to enter Macao. For other passport holders, please consult the Corpo de Polícia de SegurançaPública of the Macao Special Administrative Region about their visa requirements. Nationals of a number of countries are exempted from applying for a visa before entering Macao. For the list of exempted countries, please visit here.

    After your arrival in Macao, the MPI Student Affairs Office (SAO) will guide you through the application of the “Special Authorization to Stay”, which is a necessary document for your stay in Macao as students. If you would like to visit Mainland China while studying at MPI, the SAO staff can also give you the necessary guidance on applying for a Mainland tourist visa. (Please note that the visa requirements for Mainland China are different from those for Macao.)

    Note: Students are responsible for preparing their own travel documents, identification cards, and other required documents to support their applications for the VISA.
  3. Academic Calendar

    Please refer to MPI’s website for the current academic calendar.
  4. Arrival Date

    Exchange students should arrive in China and Macao at least four working days before the first class begins. This is to ensure that they have enough time to complete all the formalities, such as student registration, opening a bank account, and to familiarize themselves with the new environment.
  5. Class Attendance

    Exchange Students are required to meet a minimum percentage of class attendance for each course they study in MPI. In general, that percentage is 70%, while the Nursing Programme and Biomedical Technology Programme require a higher percentage of 90% for their internship courses.

    Those who fail to meet the class attendance requirement of a particular course will not be allowed to take its final assessment and will receive a failing grade thereof. For more information, please visit.

  6. Booklists and Class Timetables

    Exchange Students can find the relevant booklists and class time-table information under the MPI homepage “Students’ Corner” Booklist and Class-time-tables.
  7. MPI’s E-mail Accounts

    Each Exchange Student will be provided with an e-mail account and should check his or her e-mail on a daily basis. For the regulations on the use of e-mail accounts, please refer to this link.
  8. Regulations, Guidelines and Legislations

    All Exchange Students must comply with the MPI's regulations and guidelines, as well as the laws of Macao. For more information, please visit this link.
  9. Phone Numbers

    Exchange Students must register with MPI’s registry their local mobile phone numbers in order to receive important information sent via SMS (short messages service) by MPI.
  10. Student Notices

    Student notices are issued from time to time. Exchange Students should check the following regularly to receive the latest information.

  11. Online Student Services

    Important information, including final grades, absence rates, enrollment confirmation, class and examination tables, debit notes and receipts, electronic database, etc., will be disseminated via the Internet on the Student Information Web (SIWeb).
  12. Supplementary Examinations

    Exchange Students who have failed the final assessment of any MPI course must attend its supplementary assessment as scheduled in the MPI’s academic calendar. Please refer to the MPI Examination Regulations on taking supplementary examinations at this link.
  13. Cheating and Other Violations of Examination

    All MPI students must comply with the MPI Examination regulations.

    Non-compliance with the examination regulations, disobeying the arrangements or instructions of the invigilators/working staff, is considered as violation of the examination regulations. For more information, please visit this link.
  14. Expenditure in Macao and / or China

    Tuition fees: No additional tuition fee payable to BLCU and MPI
    (Exchange Students pay only the tuition fees of IPL for the two academic years when they are studying at BLCU and IPL).
    Registration fees: Exchange students are exempted from paying the BLCU and MPI’s registration fees.
    Accommodation: MPI will provide free hostel accommodation to the exchange students when they are studying at MPI under this exchange programme. A caution fee of MOP1,030.00 is payable upon checking in the MPI hostel. When the Exchange Students check out, the caution fee is refundable on the condition that all accounts have been settled and no damage to the hostel rooms found. For more information, please visit MPI website information on Check-In / Check-Out Matters at this link.
    Water and Electricity fees: Exchange students are responsible for hostel’s water and electricity costs.
    Transportation fees:

    BLCU will provide Exchange Students with free transportation from the Beijing Capital International Airport to BLCU when they first arrive in Beijing for the exchange programme.

    MPI will provide Exchange Students with free transportation (a) from the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, the Taipa Ferry Terminal or the Macao International Airport to the student hostel when they first arrive in Macao for this exchange programme; and (b) from the hostel to the terminals or the airport at the end of the programme.

    MPI will provide Exchange Students with free transportation (a) from the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, the Taipa Ferry Terminal or the Macao International Airport to the student hostel when they first arrive in Macao for this exchange programme; and (b) from the hostel to the terminals or the airport at the end of the programme.

    Exchange students must arrive on the date indicated by BLCU and MPI to enjoy this service.

    Public bus services are normally available from 6 am until midnight. You may purchase the student version of “Macau Pass”, a rechargeable smartcard for making electronic payments, with which you can enjoy the concessionary bus fares ranging from MOP1.5 to MOP2.00. For more information, please visit.

    Meal expenses: Exchange Students are responsible for their meal expenses. They may choose to dine at one of the BLCU’s or MPI’s student canteens or any off-campus restaurant. For reference, a set lunch with soup or drink costs at least MOP30.00 at the MPI student canteens, while a restaurant charges around MOP50.00 or above for one dish.
    Health care and Insurance:

    Upon registration with MPI, an Exchange Student should pay around MOP300 as his or her insurance premium. For more information on student insurance, please visit the MPI website here.

    Only pharmacies sell medicines in Macao. Some medicines can be bought only upon the presentation of a prescription while others can be purchased without one.

    It is recommended that Exchange Students carry with them a sufficient amount of the medications which they take on a regular basis, if any, for the duration of their stay at BLCU and MPI.

    Note:The above fees are only for reference and subject to change. In the event of discrepancy, the fees published by BLCU and MPI or the relevant authorities will prevail.
  15. What documents should I bring with me to MPI?

    • Your passport (with a minimum validity period of 18 months) together with a Visa, if necessary;
    • Your resident / citizen identity card (with a minimum validity period of 18 months);
    • Six recently taken and coloured passport photographs of you against a white background;
    • Your international medical insurance card and the corresponding insurance policy;
    • Your personal hospitalization insurance and the corresponding insurance policy;
    • Your updated vaccination record;
    • Your MPI physical examination form, which must have been signed and sealed by the examining doctor;
    • Your Portuguese bank information, including the name and address of the bank, your account number, the IBAN, SWIFT and NIB codes, together with copies of your passbook or card. (For your information, Banco Nacional Ultramarino(BNU) is the only bank in Macao that has connections with banks in Portugal. It accepts requests to transfer money of a sum less than EUR100.00 to CaixaGeral de Depositos, the receiving bank in Portugal. Each IPL Exchange Student is strongly recommended to open an account with CaixaGeral de Depositos before coming to Macao under this exchange programme.)
      Note:Exchange students must bring along the original documents of the above items to Macao, and are also advised to carry with them at least three photocopies of items 1 and 2, i.e. passports and ID cards.
  16. How do I find out more about this exchange programme?

    For more information, you can visit the MPI website or send your enquiry by email to the Student Affairs Office or to IPL’s Degree programme coordinator.

    Student Affairs Office (room A119),
    Macao Polytechnic Institute,
    Rua de Luis Gonzaga Gomes,
    Contact: (+853) 8599 6625

    Alternatively, you can visit the MPI Handbook for International and Exchange Students.
Note:The above information are only for reference and subject to change. In the event of discrepancy, the information published by MPI will prevail.
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