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MPI provides a local student grants scheme to help those experiencing financial difficulties to enroll on its degree programmes offered by MPI, in order to enable equal opportunities for eligible students to enroll and enrich their individual capabilities so as to serve society in the future. Therefore, MPI reserves more than one million patacas for such grants annually. According to previous data, some of the beneficiates may receive up to 80% annual tuition fee reduction. Currently more than 600 students have benefited from such grants with some, having successfully graduated, already serving our community.

  1. Objective of Grant

    The purpose of the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) Grant is for assisting local students with financial difficulties to pursue a Bachelor Degree Programme at MPI.

  2. Quota, Value of Grant and Income Level of Beneficiaries

    Each academic year the MPI Administrative Board will determine the number of beneficiaries, amount to be granted and the income levels concerning the average monthly income per capita of the applicant’s family in the same household.

  3. Eligibility

    • MPI students who hold valid Macao permanent resident identity cards are eligible for the MPI Grant;
    • The average monthly income of the applicant’s family per capita in the same household should not exceed the established income level*;
      Formula of Monthly Income Per Capita: C =(R-DH) ÷12N
      C= the average monthly income per capita of the applicant's family in the same household R= total income of family members in the same household over 12 months
      DH= total amount of housing expenditure in 12 months (Rental or Mortgage) *
      N= total number of family members in the same household

      *Specific amounts will be announced in the “Important Items to Note” on the Notice of MPI Grant Application each academic year.

    • Students who have obtained an equivalent or higher degree in the same major are not eligible to apply for the MPI Grant;
    • To be eligible, students must complete all courses in the latest academic year in the study plan or obtain at least 80% of the total credits of that academic year. (This requirement is waived for first-year students)
  4. Distribution

    MPI Grant is valid for one academic year and will be distributed in the first and second semester. Applicants should reapply for the Grant each new academic year by the deadline specified. Students who graduate or register half-way through the academic year will be eligible for the MPI Grant for that current semester only.

  5. Application Procedures

    • Students may obtain the Application Form for MPI Grant from the Student Affairs Office of MPI or by download from the MPI Website, and return the completed Application Form together with the following documents to the Student Affairs Office:
      • Copy of applicant's identity card;
      • Copy of identity cards of all family members in the same household;
      • Copy of academic transcript of the latest year (not applicable to current MPI students);
      • Income declarations of the latest year (last academic year) signed by the employers from all working family members (including the applicant); a declaration should also be submitted in cases where any member was unemployed for a period; the Income Declaration Form provided by MPI should be used for such declaration purposes;
      • Family members who work as freelancers or professionals (such as licensed doctors or insurance agents) should submit their occupational tax notification (M16) for the latest year; entrepreneurs should submit their income tax notification (M5) for the latest year;
      • Rental receipt or payment documents of housing mortgage for the latest month;
      • Copy of student card of family members in the same household who are aged 18 or over and currently registered students;
      • Completed Bank Transfer/Remittance Authorization Form together with a copy of the bank passbook of the applicant or authorized recipient;
      • Any other supporting documents such as Social Welfare Bureau Beneficiary ID Card, medical certificate etc.
    • MPI has the right to disqualify an applicant who fails to submit all the above required information before the specified deadline (please refer to the "Important Items to Note");
    • Applicants are obliged to provide further documents before the deadline specified by MPI;
    • Dates of announcing the provisional list of beneficiaries and for appeal (please refer to the "Important Items to Note"):
      • The provisional list of beneficiaries will be announced at the Student Affairs Office;
      • Appeals should be made in writing to the Student Affairs Office;
      • Any adjustments due to withdrawal or justified appeal will be announced in the final list of beneficiaries.
    • The final list of beneficiaries (please refer to the "Important Items to Note") will be announced at the Student Affairs Office.
  6. Selection Criteria

    • Each application will be examined as per the selection criteria including the average monthly income per capita of the applicant’s family in the same household, academic record, proportion of working family members and family status.
    • In cases where two applicants obtain the same score according to the selection criteria, the one with most years of academic studies will be selected. In cases where both applicants have studied for the same number of years, the better academic record shall determine eligibility.
  7. Other Conditions for the MPI Grant

    • The MPI Grant is only payable to students who have made full payment of tuition fees. Applicants who have not paid the tuition fees before the specified deadline will be considered to have voluntarily withdrawn their MPI Grant application;
    • Applicants sampled randomly are obliged to facilitate MPI in home visits, and should provide further required documents before the deadline as requested by MPI representatives conducting home visits; otherwise these applicants will be disqualified.
  8. Compatibility

    • Beneficiaries are not allowed to receive any grants issued by other entities with continuity and on a gratuitous basis.
    • For beneficiaries who are also awarded an MPI scholarship (in the form of tuition deduction), the amount of grant they receive will be the sum after having the scholarship amount deducted.
  9. Revocation of MPI Grants

    The MPI Grant will be terminated and revoked if any applicant is found to have violated these provisions or to have committed perjury or made false claims; full repayment will be pursued and they will be automatically disqualified from any other grant application during their entire period of studies at MPI. They may also be held responsible under civil and/or criminal law.

Note:For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the latest announcement from the Macao Polytechnic Institute.
The above information is translated from Chinese. In case of any discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.
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