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Centro de Estudos “Um País, Dois Sistemas”

The “One Country Two Systems” Research Centre (CEUPDS) was established in August 2008, as an academic research institute with project team nature, according to the Despatch of the Chief Executive No. 218/2008. Later, the Despatch of the Chief Executive No. 246/2012 transferred the Centre to the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) and turned it into a subordinate academic research unit of the MPI.

At present, there are 10 full-term researchers in the Centre, 8 of them have a doctorate degree, and the other 2 are doing theirs. Their fields of study are comprehensive, including philosophy, law, economics, sociology, public administration and linguistics. The study of the “One Country, Two Systems” theory benefits from this multidisciplinary background of the researchers, as it enables a more comprehensive theoretical investigation and a wider observation angle.

The main duty of the Centre is to conduct researches into the “One Country, Two Systems” theory. We observe the implementation of the theory. We investigate the administration by law of the Macao SAR. We do researches into various areas related to the Basic Law.

The Centre publishes the Journal of One Country Two Systems Studies, an academic journal, and organizes academic conferences, forums and seminars. Researchers of the Centre are responsible for various teaching tasks, including the course of Constitution and Basic Law, and other courses related to law, economics, sociology, public administration and language in the degree programmes of the MPI. Moreover, the Centre, commissioned by SAFP of the Macao SAR Government, conducts Basic Law training courses for civil servants in Macao.

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