About MPI

Vision, Guiding Values and Mission Statement



The Macao Polytechnic Institute vision is to excel as an institution of higher learning distinguished by its open and transparent management, multidisciplinary approach to studies and high standard of scholarship in both teaching and applied research. It will build on its distinctive position as a quality institution with a strong commitment to serving the local community as well as wider areas of China. MPI aspires to join the league of leading tertiary institutions in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Guiding Values:

  • We consider that one’s life and insights should be based upon extensive knowledge;
  • We subscribe to the ethos of liberty, freedom of speech and expression;
  • We believe that excellence should be pursued by our staff and students;
  • We subscribe to the fine traditions of both Eastern and Western values characterised by all-roundedness and expertise;
  • We adopt a practical approach to doing things;
  • We require high moral standards of our staff and students;
  • We consider that teamwork and collegiality are important in our daily life;
  • We commit ourselves to excellence and innovation in teaching and research;
  • We consider that communication skills, personal dialogues and exchanges are essential to success in one’s work; and
  • We adopt a positive attitude towards life.

Mission Statement:

  • Developing academic programmes which are relevant to Macao (local) and regional needs in a changing environment;
  • Enhancing students’ development through enriched campus life and innovative learning programmes;
  • Equipping students with proficient language and communication skills in Chinese, English and Portuguese (for some groups of students);
  • Promoting effective teaching and learning both in and outside the classroom;
  • Contributing to the Macao Government’s human resource policy of up-graduating its human capacity as well as its goal of building a prosperous society;
  • Establishing a first-class institution of higher learning through continuous capacity building and strategic partnership with renowned universities around the world;
  • Creating an open and harmonious environment for the free expression of academic views and functioning as a platform for first-class research and academic exchanges, especially projects of direct relevance to Macao;
  • Encouraging students to work towards self-improvement, maturity and a willingness to serve; and
  • Providing professional training tailored to the specific needs of the local community and thereby contributing to its sustainable development.
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