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What courses does MPI offer for undergraduate admission?

MPI offers a variety of undergraduate programmes in the areas of Business and Management, Information Technology, Languages and Translation, Arts, SportsPublic Management and Health Sciences. Please refer to the undergraduate programmes page for details.


What is the duration of your undergraduate programmes?

All undergraduate programmes are four years in duration.


What languages are your programmes taught in?

The medium of instruction varies across programmes. Please refer to the undergraduate programmes page for details.


Are any of your programmes open to students from the arts/science stream only?

We welcome students from all streams to apply to our undergraduate programmes.

Admission requirements

What are your admission requirements?

  1. Six-year secondary school graduates and
  2. having passed a medical examination.
Admission routes

How do I apply for admission?

We welcome overseas applications for admission via admission exams or direct admission.

When can I apply for undergraduate admission?

Applications are accepted from December every year. Please refer to the application period under each respective admission route.


How do I apply to undergraduate programmes at MPI?

Candidates should apply online and pay their application fees within the application period.


How much is the application fee?

MOP250 (subject to adjustments; please refer to our latest announced rates).


How can I pay my application fees?

Candidates may settle their application fees by:

  1. Credit card online; or
  2. Paying in-person at MPI’s Treasury with cash, cheque, bank draft or credit card (cheque/bank draft should be payable to ‘Macao Polytechnic Institute’); or
  3. Bank draft payable to Macao Polytechnic Institute which should be mailed to MPI’s Treasury; or
  4. Telegraphic transfers (T/T) should be made to the accounts of MPI (candidate’s name, candidate number and the purpose of transfer must be stated on the transfer form).

Can I ask for a refund of my application fees?

We are sorry that applications fees are non-refundable.


Am I required to submit additional documents after I’ve submitted my application and paid the relevant application fees?

Candidates applying for entry by admission exams are not required to submit any additional documents. Candidates applying for direct admission should submit the required documents onto the application platform or email/post them to the MPI’s Registry. Details of these procedures and documents required are available on the direct admission page.

Admission exams

I have already submitted my application and paid the relevant application fees. What are the next steps?

Please download the ‘Admission Examination Notice’ and/or ‘JAE Permit’ from the MPI website once they are available and attend the examinations as scheduled.


Which exams do I need to attend?

Admission exams include one or more of the following: written exams (JAE), interviews and specialised exams. For details of exam requirements of each programme, please refer to the undergraduate programmes page.


When are admission exams held?

Admission exams are generally held between March to May every year. The specific schedules can be found on the admission exams page.


Can I apply for exemptions from admission exams?

Candidates who meet certain criteria may apply for exemption from admission exams. They are required to bring the required documents to MPI’s Registry during the application period. Details can be found on the admission exams page.


What language will admission interviews be conducted in?

Interviews are generally conducted in the same language as that of the medium of instruction. However, final decisions will be at the discretion of the respective programme’s assessment panel.

Direct admission

What is direct admission?

Candidates may apply for direct admission by submitting the results of open examinations. Please refer to the direct admission page for a list of accepted examinations.


I have already submitted my application and paid the relevant application fees. What are the next steps?

Candidates should submit the required documents onto the application platform or email/post them to the MPI’s Registry during the application period after they have submitted their online applications. More information of the required documents can be found on the direct admission page.


After submitting the required documents, do I still have to take any other assessments?

Candidates may be invited to attend a video interview or other assessments. Any candidate failing to do so will be disqualified from admission.


If I am not admitted to MPI through admission exams, can I apply for admission in the same year by direct admission?

Yes. Candidates who are not admitted to MPI after taking their admission exams may still be admitted via direct admission. There is no need to make a separate application. Candidates are simply required to submit the required documents to MPI’s Registry within a stipulated period and attend assessments if necessary.


How do you select students for admission?

Offers are made on the basis of merit. We will also take into consideration the admission quota of respective programmes, documents submitted for evaluation as well as performance in assessments.


How do I check my offer results?

Offer results will be made available on the candidate portal. Candidates should check their results online by themselves, as we do not provide or confirm them by email or any other means.


I have been offered a place at MPI. What are the next steps?

Candidates who are offered admission to our programmes should download the offer letter and other related documents (e.g. medical check-up form and tuition fee debit note) from the candidate portal, and pay their tuition fees by the due date stated on the debit note. Otherwise their eligibility shall be forfeited. Candidates should also complete their registration within the stipulated time.


Can I postpone my admission until the next academic year?

No. Postponement is not possible.

Tuition fees

How much are the tuition fees?

Please refer to the latest fees under fees and scholarships page.


How often do I pay my tuition fees?

Tuition fees are generally paid every semester.


How do I pay my tuition fees?

Please refer to payment methods page.


Can I have my tuition fees refunded?

Tuition fees will be refunded in line with respective regulations. Refund requests will be verified and approved by MPI before they will be made. For details please refer to the Tuition Fee Refund and Late Payment Regulations.


When do I officially register as a student of MPI?

Admitted candidates should first pay their tuition fees and then complete their registration on the dates mentioned in the new student registration guide.


What happens if I do not register on time?

Admitted candidates must first be registered before they become students of MPI. The Registry reserves the right to suspend or terminate the rights of students to attend classes.


Can I ask someone to register on my behalf?

No. Registrations must be done in person.


I do not have all necessary documents ready for registration yet. May I register first?

No. Candidates are required to bring all necessary documents with them for registration.

Medical check-up

Do I need to have a medical check-up before I begin my studies at MPI?

Yes. Admitted candidates are required to have completed a check-up and have their medical reports on hand before they register at MPI.


What are the steps in doing a medical check-up?

Please follow the guidelines in the new student registration guide.


What scholarships are offered by MPI?

We have numerous scholarships for our students, some of which are offered over four consecutive years.


How do I apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships are awarded automatically and no application is required. Please refer to the respective pages on scholarship and Q&A – Scholarship for details.



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Ho Si WaiYear 4 student of Pharmacy Technology
I could still remember how nervous I was when I first encountered sterile compounding. Since all equipment was new to me, I wasn’t sure what I should do. Fortunately, our teacher patiently explained the steps to us and I took the chance to discuss with my classmates afterwards. After that, my tension was finally eased.