Application period: 7 March – 25 July, 2016
1. Students may go to the Institute's website to apply, and follow the instructions to complete their application procedures within the said period.
2. Application fee (MOP150,00)
  • payment can be made, online, through credit card;
  • Payment can be made by the applicant and/or a representative at MPI's Treasury Department through credit card, cheque, cash and/or bank draft. (Please note that when using cheque and/or bank draft it must be in favour of Macao Polytechnic Institute;
  • bank draft must be in favour of Macao Polytechnic Institute and should be sent to MPI’s Treasury Department;
  • Telegram me transfer (T/T) should be sent to MPI’s account nº: 01-01-20-788203, Bank of China, Macao Branch. Please make sure that the applicant's name and the purpose of the amount.
3. To submit the require documents to MPI's Registry by E-mail or post.

  • Copies of certificate(s) and academic transcripts for Form 6 / Senior Middle Three / Grade 12 or equivalent in the secondary school;
  • Copies of official transcript showing all courses and grades completed and other courses currently in progress and an explanation of the grading system;
  • Copies of the certificates of General University Entrance Exam results;
  • Copies of the certificates of TOEFL or IELTS;
  • Application Form;

Online Application