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Atelier de Escultura do Mestre Wu Weishan e a Estátua de Confúcio

The bond between Professor Wu Weishan and MPI began in 1999. In that year Professor Wu hosted an exhibition in Macao and visited MPI for the first time. In the following year an MPI delegation attended Professor Wu's exhibition, held at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), in response to his invitation. Soon after that Professor Wu visited MPI again, this time being the Artist-in-Residence and Professor of Cultural Lectures at HKUST.

For more than a decade Professor Wu has exerted his best endeavours for MPI, as guest speaker at seminars, hosting sculpturing demonstrations, as an invited professor and as an external judge for students' graduation pieces. He contributes greatly to the enhancement of the quality of the Institue’s arts education.

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