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Specialised exams and interview arrangements of undergaduate programmes for 2021/2022 entry 

Candidates may check out the specialised exams and interview arrangements for the first-choice and/or second-choice programmes on【Candidate Portal】. 

Post: 24 February 2021

Undergraduate admission for 2021/2022 entry Download Admission Examination Notice

Candidates may check out the admission exam arrangements and download the admission examination notice on the【Candidate Portal】.

Post: 24 February 2021

Undergraduate admission for 2021/2022 entry - Result Announcement of Bonus points scheme / Subject exemption

The results are now available at【Bonus points scheme / Subject exemption - Application Result】.

Post: 3 February 2021

Applications now open for 2021/2022 entry to undergraduate programmes【Online Application

Come to MPI, You will Shine! Join the MPI family by applying our undergraduate programmes via "Direct Admission".

Post: 25 January 2021

Undergraduate admission for 2021/2022 entry - Release of Results for Admission Scheme for Local Talents and Professionals

The results are now available at【Candidate Portal】.

Post: 19 January 2021

Postgraduate Programmes for 2021/2022 Entry【Online Application 

Join the MPI family now by applying here today!
Post: 13 October 2020


Key Dates
2021-01-25 ~ 2021-07-012021/22 entry to Undergraduate Programmes (via Direct Admission) - Applications open
2021-03-01 ~ 2021-03-06Undergraduate admission - Interview arrangements (via admission examinations)
2021-03-06Bachelor of Arts in Music - Specialised Exam & Interview
2021-03-07Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art - Specialised Exam & Interview
2021-03-13Bachelor of Arts in Design - Specialised Exam & Interview
2021-03-14Bachelor of Physical Education - Specialised Exam (Fitness test)
Scholarships & grants: 70+

Chan Ka IanStudent of Master of Science in Big Data and Internet of Things
"I have gained a lot of valuable experience both inside and outside the classroom, and I really like the teaching style and learning environment at MPI."