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Key dates

Online Application】and Submit Documents 15/9 - 6/10/2021
Interview Oct 2021
Release of Admission Results From Nov 2021
Document Download】Offer Letter, New Student Registration Guide and Medical Examination Report (Please make appointment at your earliest convenience) May 2022
Registration* Jul 2022
Class commencement* Aug 2022

Please refer to the Registration Guide for exact dates


As a public higher education institution, Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) strives to cultivate local talents capable of serving the society. To attract the best secondary school graduates of Macao to enrol on our undergraduate programmes, we have in place the Principal Recommended Admission Scheme. Students with outstanding performance may receive a scholarship and/or gain direct admission to our undergraduate programmes.


  • Scholarship of the Elite Category 

This scholarship covers tuition fees for the first year of their undergraduate studies, and will be renewed annually subject to meeting relevant criteria (relevant Scholarship Regulations can be found at MPI website). 

  • Scholarship of the Excellent Category

This scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fees for the first year of their undergraduate studies, and will be renewed annually subject to meeting relevant criteria (relevant Scholarship Regulations can be found at MPI website).

Application Procedures and Documents 


Eligible students should complete the online application procedures via【Online Application】and upload the following documents to the application system:

  1. One recent photo (1.5 inches in size) ;
  2. Valid Macao SAR Resident I.D. Card (both sides of ID card copied on one side of an A4 size paper);
  3. Academic Reports on Forms 4 & 5 or equivalent levels (A4 size). 


Applicants' respective schools should send the completed recommendation form (with Principal's signature and the school stamp) to the MPI Registry via email to admission@ipm.edu.mo or fax to 2852 3746 within the application period.

Applicants may apply for admission via this scheme on the recommendation of their respective schools. Please contact your schools for the relevant requirements. 

Interview & Admission Results

Applicants should attend the admission interviews as scheduled. The interview arrangements will be posted on the MPI website (ipm.mo/principalrcm). Anyone who fails to do so will forfeit his/her eligibility. Applicants who pass the interviews will be admitted directly. The admission results will be announced on the MPI website. The outcome may be either:

  • Admitted with a Scholarship of the Elite Category;
  • Admitted with a Scholarship of the Excellent Category;
  • Admitted without scholarship (self-funded).

Admitted applicants are not permitted to change their applied programme of study once they accept our offer of admission.

Unsuccessful applicants may still gain admission via the Admission Examination route without the need to make a separate application or pay the application fee. They are simply required to download the ‘Admission Examination Notice’ and/or ‘JAE Permit’ from the MPI website and to attend the examinations* as scheduled.

* The specific examinations required for admission vary according to individual programmes. They may include all or some of the subjects of the Joint Admission Examination (JAE) for Macao Four Higher Education Institutions, and/or specialised (written) exams and interviews organised by MPI.


Tuition Payment

Admitted applicants must settle the tuition fees of the first semester before the due date as stated on the debit note or their eligibility shall be forfeited. For applicants admitted with a scholarship, the relevant tuition fees will be refunded after student registration and commencement of the semester.

No tuition fee may be refunded if applicants subsequently decide not to register. Please visit the MPI website for details concerning ‘Macao Polytechnic Institute Regulations for Handling Fees Related to Degree Programmes’.




Key Dates
2021-10-15 ~ 2022-02-2822/23 entry to Postgraduate Programmes - Applications open
2022-01-20 ~ 2022-07-0122/23 entry to Undergraduate Programmes (via Direct Admission) - Applications open
2022-03-17 ~ 2022-03-20JAE Examination
Average job-seeking time of graduates: 1.5 months

Marcelino Luís do Rosário SousaGraduate of Chinese-Portuguese Translation
The exchange programme to Portugal in my second year of studies has not just enhanced my language skills, but also taught me ways of dealing with others. Such experience has benefited me greatly, giving me a better idea of what I’d like to do in the future.