Dragon Boat Team

Apart from offering a high-quality tertiary education to students, the Institute is very keen to support students taking part in healthy sports activities. The Dragon Boat Team was established in September 2000, its aim being to manifest team spirit, through striving to succeed and promote friendship and honour for Macao. Under the devoted leadership of its coach, the Dragon Boat Team has attained many outstanding achievements in a number of competitions in Macao, Hong Kong and mainland China. Team members can also enjoy the opportunity to visit different cities and countries while taking part in competitions. Places that our Dragon Boat Team has visited include Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Zhaoqing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guiyang, Jilin, Bangkok, Singapore and Japan. The Dragon Boat Team welcomes you! For further enquiries, please contact Mr Leung (85996220) of the Welfare and Recreation Department.

Being the Champion of"2008 University Student Small Dragon Boat Race"

The Team in"2008 International University Student Standard Dragon Boat Race"

The Team in one of the races in The Team in one of the races inHong Kong

The Team in Japan

The Team in Tianjin

Being the Champion of"2009 University Student Small Dragon Boat Race"