Macao Polytechnic Institute Regulation on the Use of Student Lockers

Location of Student Lockers

(A) Eligible Users

Only current undergraduate students of Macao Polytechnic Institute (“MPI”) are eligible to use the student lockers.

(B) Period of Use

Eligible users can start using the student lockers on the date of successful registration until they have completed their Bachelor Degree programmes. If, for any reason, a locker user stops studying at MPI, the period of use also expires upon the cessation of study.

(C) Application

1. At the beginning of each academic year, MPI issues a student notice entitled “Application for Student Lockers”. An eligible user should apply for a student locker according to the instructions on that notice. The student lockers, which are limited in number, are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Each eligible user can only apply for one student locker during the duration of study at MPI.
2. The student lockers are randomly assigned by the computer and, once assigned, cannot be changed. Registered users can review which lockers have been assigned to them online at the “SIWeb”. Upon completion of successful registration, users can start using the lockers assigned to them by opening the same by themselves.
3. As to the other services related to the student lockers (e.g. failure to open), a locker user is required to fill in the “Locker Services Application Form”, and submit it together with a copy of his or her student card to the Student Affairs Office.

(D) Terms of Use

1. When using the student lockers, users should prepare their own padlocks and keep the lockers properly locked. MPI disclaims any responsibility for damage to or loss of items inside the student lockers.
2. Using student lockers without prior registration, and borrowing or lending the same, is prohibited. MPI reserves the right to open and vacate any locker the use of which does not conform to this rule.
3. No illegal or dangerous items, or any other unsuitable items, should be stored in the student lockers. MPI reserves the right to open and inspect those lockers suspected of keeping these items.
4. Users are not allowed to deface any surface of the student lockers by sticking paper, promotional materials, or any other adhesive items, or by means of graffiti. No damage should be done to the student lockers. Anyone who has contravened this rule has to pay for repairing or replacing the locker in question.
5. Nothing should be placed on top of the student lockers, and users are reminded to keep the lockers’ interior clean. MPI removes and disposes of anything left atop the student lockers from time to time without prior notice.
6. Before the period of use expires, users should vacate their student lockers and remove their padlocks. MPI removes and disposes of anything left inside the student lockers after the period of use has expired.
7. Users should familiarise themselves and comply with the above contents when applying for and using the student lockers. MPI reserves the right to determine who can use the student lockers.
8. Any question arising out of this Regulation should be submitted to the MPI Management Board for resolution.

(E) Effective Date

This Regulation was passed at the MPI Management Board's meeting on 16 October 2017 and came into effect on 16 October 2017.