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Bachelor of Management


This Program is designed to prepare students for a career in the management field, and become effective management professionals in our society. The programme goal is to train students for management entry positions while laying a solid foundation of knowledge expertise for executive positions in all aspects of industry. The programme is characterized by its holistic approach to business training, one that provides students with advanced management knowledge, while aiming at fostering students’ ability to work as a corporate team player and demonstrate an entrepreneurial business instinct.


4 years

Credit requirements

140 credits

Teaching Language

Chinese / English


Evening Programme (Classes are scheduled in the evenings and Saturday afternoons)

Career Prospects

Many career opportunities are available in public and business sectors, such as management trainee, supervisory position, and a host of other managerial /leadership positions in business management.

Graduates may choose to further their studies in the overseas universities that Macao Polytechnic Institute has articulation with or any other universities they would like to study in.

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